Spiritually Sassy – Radical, baby!

Just two days ago, I shared a teensy-tiny hint about this book. I’ve given it the once-over and now have gone back to the beginning to dig in and work the exercises. Good grief, people, this book ROCKS. But of course, I knew it would. Why? Because I follow the author on Instagram and … oh my gosh … he is FANTASTIC. Though, a head’s up… if cursing really bothers you… especially the F-word and all its incarnations… then you’ll probably want to skip the whole shebang. That would be a pity! It really, REALLY would!

spiritually sassy (yes, with small s’s) by Sah D’Simone is a book… and a movement… that will get your heart pumping. Like I said, I first saw him on Instagram. Many times!! Now, before you go running overwatch and listen to this one first. It’s easy and quiet and will give you an idea of the words that attracted me at the beginning. Then, if you’re feeling brave, get ready to be blown away by this beautiful, young, tattoo’d soul with blue fingernails, hip-high gogo boots, and enough energy to light up the world! You cannot – I repeat – CANNOT – sit still while watching D’Simone!

Now, the book. I was SO EXCITED to receive it and it DID NOT disappoint. It is infused with his energy and JAM PACKED with exercises and top-notch writing, though as mentioned above, he minces no words, or curses.

spiritually sassy is not a quick fix. The first read was quick, as the book is written in the voice of D’Simone and highly engaging and conversational. The depth occurs as you get into the 8-Step program. I don’t want to give the whole thing away, so I’ll just give a snippet of the steps:

  1. Know your story
  2. Learn to forgive
  3. Belief systems
  4. Inner wisdom
  5. Superpowers
  6. You’re amazing
  7. Use it
  8. Slay

^^^^ Again, that’s my quickie glance at his steps, which are much deeper.

And yet, the book is SO MUCH MORE.

The end result? To become a member of the Sassy Foundation. And if you buy into the idea of getting there… and I do!… you’ll want to GET THERE.

This is – yes – a book about living-well using scientifically based principles, psychology, Tantric Buddhism, integrative nutrition and what D’Simone calls “Sassy Sauce” (which also yes, sounds like a double entendre but isn’t).

There’s SO MUCH good stuff here about meditation and breath-work, visualization, judgement, intention, mantras, prayer, and physical, emotional and spiritual fitness.

Now, you’ll say, “Sheryl, you’ve read a bazillion self-help books. I’ve seen them here on your blog. Why are you gushing all over this one? Is it really any different than all the others?”

My answer: Yes! Because D’Simone has done something that none of my other self-help books have been doing lately. It’s gotten me EXCITED and REVVED and READY to work on myself again! If people and things come to you when you need them – and you know I believe that they DO – then this book has come at the right (and desperately needed) time.

Like so many of you during this darned pandemic, I have been depressed. I went off my anti-depressants several months ago, which some might have seen as idiotic given the dark days to come (seasonally and emotionally).

I haven’t hugged my family – not one of them – for more than a year, because they’re in the States and I can’t even cross the border.

I’m unemployed and looking for work at 60+ during a pandemic, which is whole ‘nother kind of awkward.

But I made it through, though not unscathed.

I was eating too much of the wrong thing, staying in bed until at least 11am on a regular basis, and not-surprisingly (and like many, many others) gained 15 pounds over the last year, thanks to eating whatever the heck I wanted with no thought to the future.

Future? What future? This pandemic is never going away! Awesome mindset. Ugh.

The one good thing is that our winter was very mild, which helped me to get out and take photos, a passion that sustains me and forces me to get up, clean up, and get dressed.

And then *bam* here we are in mid-February and we finally got some snow, which was truly the first big dump of the season. It’s beautiful. Not complaining… except… uh… yeah, I’m complaining a little bit.

And then… this book. This lifesaver was thrown out before I got too deep. I read through and did the one thing that I hesitate doing but sometimes, you just gotta. I turned the corners of pages I wanted to go back to. After the fifth chapter, I was turning so many pages that I stopped. The whole dang book is THAT GOOD.

What it’s allowed me to do is… SEE THE TRUTH. Yes, I get depressed but there are ways I can HELP MYSELF. Just GETTING UP and MOVING is one BIG way!

The good news of the season? It’s staying light until nearly 6pm now… and that’s a HUGE bonus!

And HEY!! I’ve stopped eating dessert after dinner – how had this habit of a weekend treat turned into an every night occurrence? But the point is, it had! It’s been two weeks and I’m SO PROUD of myself!

And of course, I have this blog and all that I’m doing creatively, which I’ve shared with you!

D’Simone is no stranger to depression. He’s lived a life! He wants to walk the path to healing with you! He’s holding a lantern. He’s dancing…

It’s all helping me – and can help you, too! – SO MUCH.

This book is – simply – a keeper, as is D’Simone.

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