Bio Moment – Books & Me

February 19, 2021
A look back at my first Bio Moment post that started it all. I will be reblogging Bio Moments and my storytelling posts because – darn it! – I worked hard on them and they all have a – *ahem* – story to tell. Enjoy!

Still learning, Sheryl

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Every so often, I will interject with a personal story. I will name them all “Bio Moment” so they’ll be easy to organize later. Today is Day 1. 🙂

My love affair with books began with Nancy Drew. When I was growing up (in the 1960s and 70s) you could often find me curled in a corner – inside or outside – reading one of the classic yellow-spined collection. I was such a fan that I had (and still have and, er,  use!) the Nancy Drew “Clues to Good Cooking” Cookbook. I’m a total nerd, right?

As I explained in one of my earlier posts HERE I didn’t read my first self-help book until the first year of college. By then — in 1977 — self-help was just on the edge of booming. I mean, there were books, of course, that helped people. But a whole “Self-Help” section at…

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