Until We Meet Again, Dad

Those of you who have been here since the beginning know that my dad fell a little over three years ago. Until that time, I thought he’d live forever. At least, I’d hoped. He was one of the GREAT dads… and deserved a good, long life.

In fact, he had one. Though, I realize now in hindsight, the last three years were on borrowed time.

These years were bittersweet. Up and down, happy and sad, life and near-death.

He was wonderfully stubborn and had a fierce determination to live.

He persevered with the love and guidance of his health team and all who loved him. None more than my mother, who stood by his side, in front, and in back of. She was his light and angel on earth.

It seems fitting then, that he’d want to make his final journey with Mom next to him, in their lovely little home. It was as peaceful a transition as one could hope for… no pain… just a little dizzy… and then goodbye.

On February 24, 2021, my dad said goodbye to life in this world… and hello to a different realm.

Dad now knows The Secret that perplexes us all. I’ve felt this so strongly over the last five years, as I’ve lost one loved one after another. They are all in on the BIG SECRET. It’s an exclusive club! They know what happens after death. It may well be dust to dust, as the Bible says in Genesis 2:7… but I don’t think so. I already feel his presence so strongly! He is unencumbered and free, infused with the love he carried on earth.

My relationship with Dad was somewhat unique because I was part of a package deal when he chose my mother.

It was always as if I were his own. He was never my “adoptive” and I was never his “adopted”. He was dad and I was his daughter.

Here are the three of us (Dad, my sister and me) in a photo taken by Mom. Look at our faces in this photo… pure adoration going every direction. Can you feel the love? Oh boy, I sure can!

And now, with the preliminaries taken care of…

My dad loved his wife & daughters most of all… and animals, his Mercedes, coconut cream pie, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

When we were all much younger, we played tennis together, rode bikes, and walked our dogs for miles. He loved cars and had his own vintage Mercedes. I will never forget the scent of leather and wood in that burgundy 320S.

He was a math whiz and engineer… and later, a sales rep I envied. He could sell because he sold himself! He was his own greatest commodity and during my years in sales, I thought of this often.

He woke us up every morning for school with a smoothie before they were even called smoothies. They were “shakes” made with protein powder from Shaklee, which his sister sold and we supported. He made his own jerky and yogurt. He even tried macrame´!

In my angst-filled teenage years, when my mom and I would get in a fight, he would take me out alone and drive some place peaceful… like a nearby lake. He’d park the car and then turn to me…

“She loves you,” he’d say. Then, “You need to treat her with respect.” And he’d look at me… that look!… that got me every time. He was disappointed. It was the thing I dreaded most in the world. I crumbled. He gave me space to cry, told me he loved me and said he knew we’d all get through it. And when I’d settled down, we’d drive home. Renewed.

I’m sure I got mad at him sometimes… I mean… all teens get mad at their parents sometimes… and actually, this does bring up a memory of my dad storming out to my car in the driveway – middle of the night! My boyfriend had tapped on my bedroom window and I snuck out. We were making out in the car. Jeeeeeeez, Dad! How embarrassing was that? Teenagers. What can I say? But Dad? He was pissssssed! I have to say, it took a LOT for him to get mad… and yeah, I could go there.

*sigh* My dad.

As I sit here typing (in tears) I know that I cannot expect to encompass this beautiful man’s life in one simple post. Of course not!

All I can say at this early juncture of a new journey called, “Life without Dad” is that for as long as I can remember, he has been the tall, handsome, hero who swept me up into his strong arms, both physically and emotionally. He took incredible care of me in every conceivable way.

To say I was blessed with him is an utter understatement.

Note: There have been many mentions of both my (deeply cherished) parents throughout this blog but the following are about my dad, in particular:

Father’s Day 2020

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  1. Well, this is spooky — as I opened the post, before reading one bit of it, I got the message “Tell her I’m closer to her now than I was then.”

    By now you know I wouldn’t lie to you.



  2. My heart aches for you during this time. You knew and had a “daddy”, a gift many of us not a recipient of. The world is tilted right now. You’ll find a new center. And use the love, strength and support you were gifted from him to continue to share your gifts with us through your writing.

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