Easy like Sunday – The Mall

March 13, 2021 – Four years ago, I wrote this post after a trip to the mall. My knee is better but not much else has changed.

Men will understand… but not in their gut. Women? Most will know ***exactly*** what I’m talking about.

These are the games many women play to feel safe. Most don’t realize they’re on the board, let alone playing a game.

There’s gotta be a better way. Living in constant fear is no way to live.

PS: I notice I wrote, “I’d go crazy if I let the fear rule me.” Remember a few weeks ago, I talked about language and mental health? Need to be more cognizant of that!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

I hate going to the mall but I had to, if I wanted to get my phone repaired. As I drove around the parking lot searching for an open space, something occurred to me. I’d like to share it.

I have to begin by reminding you that I am a woman. I also have a bum knee right now and am mostly hobbling. I’m not ancient but I’m older… entering into what I call my “Third Act” of life (nearly sixty). I was tired, frustrated, and more than a little frazzled, since I had already spent four hours trying to get my darned phone fixed. I also wasn’t sure where the store I needed was located… just that it was inside the mall. I parked near the middle, reasoning that at least I wouldn’t have to walk the entire length of the mall should the store be on one end…

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