Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Patricia: A Change is Gonna Come!

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill

I’ve known Patricia for more than two decades, though we’ve never met in person. Such is the power of the internet, if you allow it.

Sometimes, you get it all wrong – I know, I have. People turn out not to be at ALL like the face they wear online.

Other times, it’s all right. I’ve been blessed with many online friendships that are blessings and have stood the test of time.

Patricia is all right! Bet you guessed that already.

She turned out to be a living, breathing example of what it means to be an open vessel who accepts what the world has to offer and then pours it out into the waiting hands and hearts of those who love and respect her.

She’s smart as a whip, tenderhearted, spiritual and gifted.

She is the person who suggested I read one of my (now) favorite books – and one of the earliest reviewed for this blog: The Anatomy of Peace. It’s a book I never, ever would have thought to read because I didn’t often check out the business section unless I had something specific in mind. Because of that recommendation, I have purposely gone to that section and have found several really excellent books to write about!

She also introduced me to the concept of “Letting Go of the Rope” (taken from the fable called The Bridge by Rabbi Edwin Friedman) which led to long discussions on the subjects of surrender, co-dependancy and spirituality.

Patricia is a spectacular communicator and I adore her writing! Of course, it’s 100% how we began our friendship, since it was in the late 1990s. Lately, she’s been doing Facebook Lives and her light shines right through the screen. In fact, that’s why I decided to reach out and see if she’d let me interview her. I’m tickled pink that she accepted!

This is a woman with scads of experience in the corporate world, years of formal education and training, and a deeply abiding spiritual life. Yet, like so many of us, she wanted to find a way to reach out, give (and accept) all that the world has to offer. Enter “Change It Up Relationships, Leadership and Solutions” for mature professionals, mid-sized company leaders and entrepreneurs.

Patricia’s specialty is Empowering Women in Transition. <<< Since I know that the majority of my readers are women, we will be touching on this specifically in the interview.

What’s that phrase people say? Change is the only constant? It’s been very well illustrated throughout 2020 and right on into 2021.

You’ll lose a job, relationship with lover or friend, or even a dream you thought you’d achieve, by your choice or someone else’s… for good reasons or bad. In the end, it won’t matter which as you navigate forward trying to put your life back together.

You’ll need a plan. That’s where Patricia comes in.

It also wouldn’t hurt to have a cheerleader. Patricia is that, too!

Oh, and how about a wise woman? Yep, she’s that.

Her’s isn’t a lightweight coaching gig. She’s trained her entire life for this!

In our interview, Patricia and I will be talking about things like this… and SO MUCH MORE!

Look for the interview in the next week or so. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Featured photo: Close-up from original painting by Courtney Steiner

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