Bio Moment – First Snow

March 25, 2021

Up next for reblogging is a post about the first snow of the season… and those first days (Weeks? They all blurred together) after my dad’s fall… and how these two events weave(d) together into a lesson for us all.

Sorry to be talking about snow in these first blessed days of Spring. I know you’ll forgive me. 🙂

The Self-Help Whisperer®

It’s been a rough few days. A few days ago, I mentioned that my dad had a bit of a tumble, which makes it sound (almost) cute. It wasn’t. His fall resulted in an ER visit, a transfer to a bigger hospital because his injuries were grave, and two major surgeries.

He is in his early 80’s and my mom is just sidling up to that age, too. Youngsters, they’re not. But they are troopers… both of them… and have done the right things to facilitate healing. He’s not out of the woods yet… but he’s in a clearing. My mom is there with him. So is my sister, who thankfully was able to get there almost right away. As for my dad, he’s stable and his pain is managed. Mom has finally slept (thanks to my sister trading places with her). I’m thousands of miles away… and up. It’s…

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  1. Snow in the springtime? Oh no!
    Try Snow in August by Pete Hamill (not my favorite). A good heartwarming story. The ending is a little weak but a nice story anyway.

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