Infinite Self – Ah, as I’ve always said…

Stuart Wilde is a prolific writer! I’ll be honest in saying that I’d never heard of him before I picked up Infinite Self in a thrift store. It’s funny… because this book, for example, was published in the good ol’ 1990s, when many my fave self-help books were born. How did I not hear of it… or him?

This is a book about ego. Which makes it a psychology book. Also, it’s about the mysteries of life and miracles. Which makes it a spiritual book. And, it’s about different dimensions of the mind, body, external world, and the inner realm. That makes it a book about science, philosophy and realism.

Okay, this book can’t be pigeon-holed.

As I was doing research for this post, I ran across a paragraph of text (pg. 155) that jumped out at me. I’m going to share the text and then talk about it afterwards:

“People have to be secure in order to transfer their money to you. Never forget that. How you make them secure is to not come at them from above (action, yang) telling them how marvelous the product is and how marvelous you are. Instead, work on their comfort zone first, keeping silent for the most part, leading things along effortlessly by asking questions (nonaction, yin). When you do get to talk, be sure to tell them that everything is cozy, safe, and secure. People need to hear that. Work on their positive energy, and tell them about the good fortune that is about to descend upon them in these exciting and positive times. Then, and only then, mention the dumb screws.”
– Stuart Wilde

I have talked at length about what the ability to sell means to me, as it pertains to self-help. Just for funsies, I punched the word “sales” into my blog’s search engine and came up with this hefty list of posts that mention sales in some fashion.

I think sales in incredibly connected and important to ego! And, not just for “sales people” but for EVERY person who needs to sell themselves, their message or a product.

If you can’t sell yourself… you’re not sellin’ ANYthing.

As usual, I digress. Kind of.

Let’s look at a short-list (no descriptions – you’ll need to buy the book for that!) of the first five “Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power”:

1) Know you are God

2) Expand self-awareness

3) Find courage to go beyond

4) Accept spirit as your inner guide

5) View negativity as a learning experience

That first one may turn you off, if you’re of the belief that God is a separate being who lives in Heaven. I know I bristled a little. I always try to keep an open mind – and remember that we can ALWAYS learn something even if we don’t agree.

Once you read the chapter on that step, you realize that Wilde means the “God Force” is what’s in you. I kinda wish he’d said that… but hey… it’s his book. And, I do understand what he means. God is everything, everywhere. I have always believed that!

I love what he says here, “I believe that your evolution here on the earth plane is so powerful, so sacred, so spiritually dynamic and special, that the infinity within you had an overview.”

Pretty heady stuff!

And, to step into what may seem like Babble Country… because I have a hard time articulating it… I also believe that God is so vast … and yet… involved in the smallest cells of … well… everything… and that we as humans have *literally no idea* and at the same time *complete knowledge* of Who and What (S)He is.

If that makes sense. Don’t worry if it doesn’t. Wilde is much better than I am at explaining…

The rest of the steps are just as thought-provoking and are the basis of the book.

I like how Wilde writes, too. Not over your head. With a little humor sprinkled in. He called himself “a twerp” in the first chapter! Ha! It was the 90s, after all.

This is an EXCELLENT book and I highly recommend it … especially if you’re in a philosophical mood!

If you’re really ambitious and want to hear the author talk about the 33 steps, and more… here is a 5-hour+ YouTube that’s really more like a podcast. It’s for listening… not for watching. Also, Wayne Dyer introduces him and gushes a little… so Wilde has some excellent provenance, it seems.

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