Bonus Picture(s) of the Day – Gettin’ Rid of the Blues at the Cemetery

I was feeling so crummy. Rotten. Blue.

My husband said, “Why don’t you go out to the cemetery and take some photos? That always makes you feel better!”

How well he knows me!

And so, I picked up a chai latte at Starbucks, put my phone in it’s handy-dandy holder and off I went! 

Before I go on, a small disclaimer: All photos are mine. I was feeling too lazy to sign them all.

Also, and this may (and should) go without saying but I mean no disrespect nor do I mean to invade privacy. I share simply to say how beautiful, symbolic and / or artistic these markers are.

Let me begin with one that made me smile. Sorry it’s a little blurry but I needed you to see … you know… the chicken. There’s *got* to be a story! 

This next group of markers are just stunning! 

I am aware that these days, we’re often cremating with simple urns that often come home with us. Once upon a time, ashes (and some bodies) were put into mausoleums like this. It’s funny, you’d never look at that building and think it’s anything other than what it is!

It also occurs to me that cemeteries like this… with these elaborate headstones… will soon be antiques. 

You know, I DID feel better after visiting these folks, all representing souls who once walked among the living.

I came to this fork in the road and knew I had to end with a photo of it. This is – after all- what life is all about… choosing which way to go!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos. You know me and cemeteries!


  1. Hey, I just finished a book practically set in a cemetery — Title’s “Charlie McCloud” (no underline function) — you should read it, you’ll be glad 😇

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