Bio Moment – Bluer than blue

April 19, 2021

It’s difficult, of course, to read things about my dad, now that he’s gone.

It’s also difficult to read about my depression and Christmas … and all the holidays that break my heart because I’m so far away from most of my family.

But then again, it was… simply stated… just another day in my life. And as it turns out… my life ain’t so bad.

My depression is real and it also doesn’t hurt to remember that.

It was tough times.

They pass.

They always do.

The Self-Help Whisperer®

I began this blog because I’m a self-help junkie who wants to share my collection of (mostly) books. Believe me, I’ve given away more than I’ve kept! That’s how much I’ve read over the years.

I wouldn’t have amassed such a wealth of knowledge had I not been in search of an answer… a reason… a cure… for my depression and anxiety, most of all. Yeah, I have lots of other big-and-little issues. Some flare, some hurt, some hurt all the time. And some, like depression and anxiety, do their damage under the cloak of darkness. I don’t always know (cognitively speaking) that they’re behind the scenes, in the wings, wreaking havoc.

And so begins today. It was typical, as far as below-freezing winter days go. It is, of course, the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I have plenty to be thankful, grateful and downright praise-y about. But that’s…

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