Bio Moment – The struggle is real

May 1, 2021

How is it that we’re already 1/4 through the year. I mean… seriously?

And is it Saturday again? Already? Seems like we just watched Wheel & Jeopardy, and Father Brown, our Saturday staples.


I reblog in order. Here in this blog post, the royal “we” are – fat – in January 2018. Good thing a few years have past and “we’re” not THAT person anymore.

Um. Hello? My name is FAT and yep, still here. I’ll never leave you. Not ever!

Oh hi, Fat… NOT nice to see you!

Yep. I’m still fat.

Still guilt. Still shame. Still depression.

*still me*

Don’t get me wrong. I know I’m beautiful, as we all are. I have kind eyes, an infectious laugh, give good hugs.

I’ve been trying to figure out my fat for decades.

Many people struggle during certain times of their lives. They were slim when young and got fat much later. Menopause-age, for many.

Me? It’s been a struggle since… almost forever. I keep hoping that I’ll light on that magic-something that changes everything.


One thing I know for sure: The answer won’t be found in Empire Cookies. But damn, they’re spectacular!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

For fat people, there’s a fine line between accepting (and daring to love) ourselves as we are and struggling to lose weight because we feel we should (for myriad reasons including our health, pleasing ourselves or others and/or fitting in an airplane seat).

Spoiler alert: I’ve mentioned my struggle with weight before HERE. If talk about this subject makes you uncomfortable, just mosey along.

Today, I’m sharing about this topic again because I saw a YouTube video that brought me to tears. It’s called  Am I Glorifying Obesity? and lasts about 15 minutes, if you’d like to watch it (I hope you will!). I found   Glitterandlazers quite by accident while searching for videos about fashion and make-up.

Sidenote: I love watching that kind of stuff! Some of the personalities are hilarious and a joy to watch. I watch a guy in Denmark who cuts hair, too, along with…

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  1. Fat is also just a state of mind. In the eyes of God, we are beautiful. Mr Rogers loves us “just the way you are.” There is room for us all if we accept ourselves, strive to be better, but keep an eye out for the good.

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