Picture of the Day – It’s scenes like this…

As you might guess, I read a lot (A LOT, A LOT!).

And then – sometimes – I take breaks that can last days or even (gasp!) months. Most of the books I’ve written about here were read years ago and a little skim along with the research I do online (for links and such) will bring it all back.

There are new (newly published or new-to-me) books, too, like the one’s on trauma I’ve been reading lately. Heavy, heavy stuff.

This is a time of rest. Although I am still reading an excellent Ellery Adams mystery and Don Lemon’s This is the Fire: What I say to my friends about racism. <<< Lemon’s book is incredibly easy reading (conversational, almost breezy) for such a tough subject but I still had to put it down halfway through. I may or may not write about either of them here. We shall see.

When I’m between books or need to clear my head, I turn to my other passion, although actual photographers might wince since I use my iphone — photography.

This is not news to those of you who have followed me since the beginning. I do have some new followers, so I thought I’d touch on it again.

Hi! I’m Sheryl. I like to take pictures! <<< I had an old friend tease me about saying pictures instead of photos. Am I a total weirdo? Do any of you say “pictures”?

Anyway, I drive around and capture landscapes like the picture (HA!) below. I also capture cityscapes and corners… and they can be very small corners, indeed.

It’s just another self-help strategy used to lift myself up on days I feel blue… or happy… or would otherwise stay in… uh… bed. You know, since we’re still on lockdown here in Ontario, Canada. (Ugh! It was just EXTENDED to June 2nd! I’m in hell.)

I share them all on my Instagram (I also share pithy sayings and stuff I draw. :)) Come on over!


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