Bio Moment – Cute “Kitty Cat”

I’m wearing cap sleeves and flip-flops! Yay, the weather is glorious! As I drove along on my way to two destinations (Starbucks and a local beach, not for a tan, silly, but to simply admire the view) I saw girls in shorts and guys in tank tops. One guy was jogging shirtless, for crying out loud. Oh, the joys of warmer weather.

Siri, I said, what is the temperature outside?

70 degrees, she answered, because I have it set on Fahrenheit not Celsius.


In California, that’s called, “Sweater weather”!!!!!!!!!!


After 20 years, I guess I’ve finally acclimated. LOL



I got my iced coffee and headed to the beach, which was a new one to me. I can’t believe there’s a beach around here that I haven’t yet found but there ya go! I was pumped! Alas, it was closed, according to the sign on the gate to the main entrance.


So, I drove a little further and saw cars parked along the street, with a small walking-only break in the fence. Success! Another way to get in! So, I drove down the street to see where I could park.

The only parking was along one side of the street and the line was about twenty cars deep. Not bad, I thought.

That’s when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. That’s not a cat! So, I pulled over.

What a beautiful creature! I watched and then took some photos. But then I thought, hey, what’s a skunk doing out in the day, with people walking down the street? So, I looked up (on my handy-dandy phone) the reasons a skunk would be out in the day. Something didn’t feel right.

In the Spring, the internet said, female skunks often come out in the day to forage because they have babies to feed. No worries unless it seems injured.

Hmmmm… my girl was limping. Front right leg. So, I looked up a wildlife rescue, called, and spoke to a nice guy who gave me another number to call, which I did. I had to leave a message but was worried because I couldn’t see the street sign with the cross-street. So, I hung up and drove around the block, then called back and left a voicemail.


By then, another thirty cars had parked and I would have to walk a mile to get to the break in the fence (literally)… and frankly, my entire trajectory had changed cuz of the critter.

So, I came home to write.

How’s your day been going?

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