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June 19 – Hubby walked with me today! We went up a whole new street and I got a few neat photos of summer garden decorations!

Also, here is this week’s full-body photo!

June 18 – Busy day! It rained most of the day, so I did my walking inside. Legs are aching! Good ache!

June 17 – I made it a mile!!!

June 16 – Almost a mile!!! Super humid and hot. My lungs were burning. My legs, too! LOL

June 15 – It’s our anniversary! Beautiful, sunny day!

June 14 – Raining today! Found a break and took off for my walk. Boy, did my glasses get steamy!

June 12 – Hubby and I talked and he wants to start walking with me in the evenings starting Tuesday, the first day of his vacation and also our 20-year wedding anniversary! ♡ We can’t “go” anywhere but we can do things together. 🙂 If he wants to continue our nighttime treks, I’ll have to update later than usual… or maybe late will become my “usual”… we shall see! Anyway, he walked with me this morning! Also, to keep things streamlined, I’ll only share photos that go with the post of the day, like yesterday – oh, and the day before. LOL 6 days & counting! Up 600 steps from where I started! Go me!!!!!

June 11 – Today is the first day that non-essential items can be sold in Ontario, Canada. Woo Hoo! No haircuts yet, though. That comes mid-July. Anyway, today I got up and out of bed before 9:30 and got myself all gussied up to shop. So my steps are a a combo of walking around stores – some of which don’t have great reception and didn’t count all my steps, I’m sure, and a top-off to get to 1,500 steps at home. The photo is the line outside the store I HATE shopping at but needed such a diverse group of things: a sympathy card, bleach, shampoo, cat food… that I simply needed to brave the crowds and do it.

June 10 – Hubby had to work out of town this morning and I don’t feel safe to walk outside alone if he’s not home to call in an emergency… so… I walked inside the house! Actually, I cranked up some music and danced and walked! Hannah watched me from the box holding my new office chair. Sounds like there’s a lot of pieces inside! Wish me luck putting it together!

June 9 – Humidity is 64% today and it’s 84 degrees. I felt WAY more energetic today and grocery shopped and cleaned the fridge and freezer.

I’ve already drink/ drank/ drunk one magic bottle of water.

On my walk, I saw this red-leaved maple. No filters! Isn’t it gorgeous?

June 8 – Humidity is 83% today. It may be only 81 degrees but with the humidity it is HOOOOOOT.

Day 1 was yesterday, June 7 – I walked just a bit over 1000 steps. Our apartment is small and we don’t walk much in here, so I can credibly guess that I did only 50 or so steps before I went outside for my walk. I took pretty photos that I shared yesterday in a post. I plan to do that whenever I can… that’s for my mental health as much as the endorphins.


Okay, guys!!! I promise not to talk about this in every post. In fact, to that end, I am creating this one-and-only post that I will pin to the top and update daily. I will be writing my regular posts at the same time.

Full-body photos will be taken once a week. I took this one today, June 7.

I’m using roses as my featured photo because I love the color and frankly, do not want the heaviest picture of my body to be pinned at the top of this blog.

Every day (except Sunday, a day of rest) when I come home from my walk, I plan on filling my magic bottle (with healing crystals at the bottom) with water… blessing it, thanking it, and drinking it once I’ve cooled down naturally, so as not to barf all over myself.

I am using a very precise step calculator that uses your height, pace and ostensibly measures gait. You will see it below. I walked just over a half mile today.

I will be reaching for one mile or 2272 steps within two weeks and 10,000 steps (4.4 miles) in a month. I will not, repeat NOT, beat myself up if I’m only at 5,000 steps. The goal is to KEEP GOING no matter what.

The reasons I’m embarking on this journey is a diagnosis of lipedema, which I wrote about yesterday. If you haven’t read it, click here. It’s also to get my BP down, lung function up (I have significant asthma) and my depression under some kind of control, if possible.

Finally, dates will be added on top, so I can add and find easily. So Day 1 – June 7 – will drop to the bottom as I add info.

Here we go!

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