Photo Journal – My healthy obsession

We woke up to rain today and I worried I wouldn’t be able to walk without an umbrella… not that it would be the end of the world… except… I left my beautiful cat umbrella in California the last time I went and haven’t bought another. That one had been a gift from my mother-in-law and it’s got… you know… cats on it. She knows me well. And yes, I digress.

Obviously, yes, I went out walking (with my fingers crossed). I kept up a brisk pace because I was busy taking photos and wanted to get home before the sky opened up again… and rain had just started spitting on my head as I met my husband at the front door. Yay!

Noticing beauty wherever I am – and cataloging by taking photos and sharing it with you – makes me so, so, so happy! To me – it creates community, gives me purpose, and is an excellent self-help tool that I can use for myself! It has become my obsession… and not a dangerous one!

My camera (phone) is never far from me and always ready to snap a moment. Yet, I can set it aside, like I did yesterday. I’ve decided that Sundays are quiet days for my husband and me to unwind from the week. While I may still walk, I will not be recording the numbers or anything else. DAY OF REST. Yummy!

But I digress. Again.

I started taking photos back in 2000, when I first moved to Canada. I’ve mentioned the photo journal I gave my youngest daughter (with actual pictures and my handwriting)… and once we could easily share our photos online, I jumped right on board. I’m so glad I can continue the tradition (and feed that obsession I mentioned) with you here.

Some will include a bit of commentary. Some don’t. You’ll see! Here we go…

A few welcoming porches:

A few patches of flowers:

I don’t know Shirley but imagine she was very loved:

I’m a little confused about what season it is with this one (still pretty, though!):

This one is interesting. Kids walk to school down this path. It looks haunted to me, which is why it looks a little blurry. I was in a hurry to get out of there. LOL

A little piece of metal art among the blossoms:

I love, love, love lavender! But ya know, I didn’t smell it. Is this lavender? Makes a pretty picture, though, especially with the stones in the path.

Making a statement:

And finally…



  1. I loved so many things about this happy post!

    Is this a new format? Takes a much longer time to load — you might want to jettison an ad or couple features or something.

    Anyway, loved the post, the whole thing, everything about it. Mwa 🤗☺️👌🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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