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June 19, 2021

(Juneteenth! What does it say about a country that dares to create a new holiday for POC to feel – at least for a moment – HEARD and SEEN? It says absolutely GREAT things!)

I am reblogging today because I have one self-help book on the go and one very spiritual book on the go… and, well… I’ve finished neither, so… yeah, this is the post that came up next for reblogging.

Know what I love about it? Pretty much everything but most of all, a butterfly!!!! Synchronicity, baby!!

This man is spectacular!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

To my mother: This is a book of one mans life growing up. I’m sure if I were to write a book, it would be just as fulfilling. We both could only thank our mothers for our memories. Love, Lee

The trouble with buying books from a thrift store is that they once belonged to someone else. The blessing in buying books from a thrift store is that they once belonged to someone else. -Sheryl Nelsen Hutton… yeah, me

Metamorphosis by David Suzukicaught my eye for several reasons. First, the title. I could share a bunch of definitions but it wouldn’t provide the beauty and captivation that this one YouTube Video does. This isn’t Suzuki‘s video but don’t worry, I have him linked all over this post. 🙂

Metamorphosis goes on in many ways throughout nature… a truth not lost on Suzuki, who shares how stages in the…

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