The Light Between Us – Paper Thin

Picture a hand with five fingers. Each finger is distinct, but each finger also connects to the same source—the hand itself. The fingers are separate, but connected. We as humans have vastly different experiences here on earth, but all of our experiences funnel into one massive collective experience—the experience of our existence.” ~Laura Lynne Jackson

Laura Lynne Jackson is a remarkable woman with “stories from heaven [and] lessons for the living.” There is no pretence in her NYT bestseller The Light Between Us. You know what you’re picking up and you’d better be ready to hit the ground running from the first page… because… Jackson sure is!

This is a “Mom’s Pick” with a stellar recommendation. To say it brought her peace and a sense of joyful knowingness would be an understatement.

She LOVED it! I felt exactly the same way!

It was perfect timing (after Dad’s passing in February) for both of us to read it. A book like this is often just waiting quietly for whoever needs it…

I know for me, had I tried to read something like this in the first few months after his death, I’d never have been able to plow through it, no matter how good it was.

It’s almost as if the book is another entity. A friend, in the wings, waiting to hear the magic words…

“I’m ready.”

And then it leaps off the shelf. “I’m here! Let’s go through this together!”

That’s probably just me. LOL

Jackson’s breezy, conversational style captivated me from the first page. I found I couldn’t put it down and read it cover-to-cover in 2 1/2 days. Was I looking for proof that life exists beyond the earth realm? Well, no… because I already believe that it does!

Remember… I have written about this kind of thing before. So, it will be no surprise when I say that I believe psychics exist and that we all, possibly, have a bit of (if not psychic ability, then at least) intuition to tap into… if we believe it is there. <<< And being perfectly clear, even if you don’t believe, I think it leads us (like an angel on our shoulder)…

“Go back to the office…” — Someone had left a space heater on!

“Look in the pill bottle…” — I received the wrong dose of my prescription!

“Turn left…” — There was an accident on my usual route.

Saying that, this book is not just for believers – it is for everyone!

  • If you believe that a Higher Power bestows supernatural gifts, you’ll love this book.
  • If you believe that people are just born with psychic ability and you’re interested in what can be achieved, you will also love this book.
  • If you are a sceptic, keep an open mind. This is exactly the kind of book that could convince you otherwise.
  • If you’re a scientist then hold on to your hat because there’s scientific testing of Jackson’s abilities. You won’t be disappointed!
  • And finally, if you flat-out think psychic ability is a sham, I won’t change your mind. But Jackson might. She is *that* good.

In one of the early chapters, Jackson talks about the veil between this life and the afterlife. She compares it to two sides of the same paper. I pictured white copy paper but of course, it almost “feels” like tissue paper should be used. That’s how close we are to those who have gone before us. Isn’t it beautiful?

There are many, many beautiful, painful, poignant stories in the pages of this book. I would do a disservice sharing only one… so, I will leave it to you to find out. 🙂

And finally, listen to this:

[You] don’t need a psychic medium to communicate with loved ones who have passed. If we open our minds and our hearts, we will begin to see the signs and messages they send for us to feel their presence in our everyday lives.

WOW! It’s almost ballsy (Don’t you think?) to suggest you don’t *need* a psychic to talk to folks on the other side. Isn’t that defeating the whole purpose? Not for a real-deal like Jackson. It is instead asking you to tap into what you already have inside you AND what your loved one’s from the other side are offering. She will be a guide, if needed… but you may walk the path alone… because you have what you need.


  1. Such a beautiful and thoughtful review of Jackson’s amazing book, Sherry! This is one of those rare reads that has the potential to change hearts and minds. Beautifully written, it is a gift to all who are drawn to read it. Bravo!

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