White Hot Truth – “If liberation is a chore, then you’re not really free.”

June 22, 2021

This is one of the best books on my shelves.

I think I’ll get out of my own way in this preamble and just get to the book. You need to know about this one!!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

I want to meet the author of today’s selection, White Hot Truth. Danielle LaPorte seems like a really neat person! I watched her video about this book on her site (linked above with her name) and she said the crazy-true quote that’s shown in my title. Ain’t it the truth? And that, my friends, is what this book is about. Truth. And yes, it will set you free.

The premise of this book is to help you, “question the quest,” and that makes me wish I’d found this book a hundred years ago … or ten. Just “before”… before all the trying so hard to find my path; spiritual and otherwise.

This book won’t dial you back but it will stop you mid-step. It asks you difficult questions about your spiritual quest and your daily life.

The biggest, best-est bullet-point I took away is the notion of importance

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