A Day at the Park – And a Video From Me!

You guys!! I had the BEST walk today in a NEW-to-me park! Oh, I’ve been in the parking lot and front section many times but never got out of the car and walked the perimeter.


Could this place be any more GORGEOUS?

And I haven’t even gotten to the BRIDGE over the WATER!

I walked across this!!

And on my way back, I stopped and took photos of the glorious water!!

AND AND AND… then I stopped a did a video! I didn’t realize until afterward that I said miles instead of steps. I hope you know I can’t walk 2000 miles… yet. LOL LOL LOL

To explain the cat bottles…

See, there’s this wine… and it’s in bottles that look like cats. Yeah, no kidding!! I had a very small collection and a friend’s daughter had a case of the things she was looking to re-home! My friend, who was really someone I worked with only 10 months, REMEMBERED that I wanted to add to my collection… and… look at my kitchen window!!

Is the wine good? I have no idea. But these bottles are STUNNING, aren’t they?

So, this health journey thingy…

Yes, I’ve lost some weight but do NOT want to focus on that yet. Anything I lose is a bonus. Right now, my goal is to get my health under control and off as many meds as I can. In my video, I mentioned I’d still take my depression/ anxiety meds but truthfully, if I can get my body balanced, I may not need them. Keep your fingers crossed. I sure am!

I am working very hard to make walking a HABIT, whether it’s inside or outside. Of course, the weather is fab right now, so perfect for being outdoors. In five months, it might not be, so I’m doing some of my “walking” inside <<< in quotes because it’s around the house or in-place… or with Jane Fonda in a walking-as-exercise video. I can still count my steps because I’m walking… even in place. Totally cool!

I’m eating like normal… which means… small brunch-time snack of home-made smoothie or cereal w/ sliced banana, and water to take my morning meds. Coffee w/ cream, half a mug (generally, though occasionally I drink more). Dinner, what ever we want and a very small dessert, like a 90 calorie mini ice-cream sandwich. I’m not quite ready to give up my nighttime blast of sugar. I will… just not yet. One step at a time.

I’m still excited about my progress, which is a very good thing. Seeing views like I did today certainly help bolster my energy and desire to keep this up!

Most of all… I FEEL POWERFUL!

As a reminder, I am keeping track of my steps in an accountability thread (on this blog, link here), if you’d like to see the day-to-day.


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