If the Buddha Came to Dinner – Get out the good china!

June 25, 2021

This is a GREAT reblog! This book was thoughtful and thought-provoking!

What IS nourishment? Why are we so emotionally connected to food?

Everything about this little book is wonderful. If you haven’t yet read it… get a move on! 🙂

The Self-Help Whisperer®

“Halé inspires us to see our dinner plate in a new yet ancient light, leading us back to the sensual, healthful relationship with food that is our birthright as human beings.”
— Mollie Katzen, author of Moosewood Cookbook and The Sunlight Café

If the Buddha Came to Dinner by Halé Sofia Schatz (with Shira Shaiman) is a wonderful little book (and resource) for people (like me) who struggle with food. Oh, I don’t struggle eating it, that much is clear by the size of my… appetite. No, my struggle is with the entire concept of what food is supposed to be. I could link a bunch of posts about my fat-this or fat-that or the twenty (or bazillion) diets I’ve tried … but I’ll just leave it to you if you’re interested in reading more about me ‘n’ my ol’ pal Food… we gots a history, me and it. Ugh!

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