Stuff & Flowers – Color Me Grateful

The last fifteen years of life in California were spent in the High Desert, up the 15 on the way to Vegas, baby! In the summer, there were only wildflowers and honestly, not so many of those.

The desert is beautiful in its own way, of course, but if you’re looking for color… ah… no. The only lush yards with mowed lawns, gardens and baskets of flowers were in man-made, hoity-toity (rich folk) enclaves, created by strong, tanned, guys in white t-shirts named Moe (Moe will Mow!). <<< I made that up myself! It just plopped into my head. Aren’t I fabulous? LOL

But just to give you an idea of what the average yard in the High Desert looked like, here is an old picture of our actual back yard, circa 1990 or so, up against our back neighbor’s back yard that looked exactly like ours and actually, everyone else’s within a 40 mile range.

Yeah, beige. Besides stunningly blue skies, there just wasn’t much color.

PS: That’s my bestie-great-dane Bo, he of floppy ears, velvet coat and eyes that looked into your soul. He’s been gone for 30 years and I still miss him and his fur-sister Naomi.

PSS: That’s a Joshua Tree in the neighbor’s yard. They’re protected by the government now after gun enthusiasts went around shooting at them. There were more than the average amount of gun toters in the desert, possibly because of rattlesnakes and hide-y places for criminals. Now, it’s totally built-up and different. Ya know, when I moved to Canada in 2000, there wasn’t yet a Starbucks in the High Desert. Now? All over, along with anything you’d want or need. Totally different place than it was when we moved there in 1988.


Here in Ontario, Canada? Even places that shouldn’t be teeming with life are filled with color and buzzing. I think it’s the humidity. Everything just bursts into color – er, colour -in the spring and summer!

I mean, seriously! Do you question why I love all this color around me?

Today, as I started my walk at around 10:30, it was… no kidding… 90º (felt like 102º with humidity, so said the app on my phone)… It seemed like the flowers were calling to me even louder than usual. I hadn’t planned on taking photos but I couldn’t help myself. I think the heat got to my camera though… because it crashed… several times. Yikes!

Here’s a neat thing… I met a neighbor. I stopped to take a photo of her Hydrangeas (at least I think that’s what these are!) and she was just stepping outside. I told her what I was doing and she was happy to hear her flowers brought me joy. I told her I have a self-help blog and that walking and flowers are both great for self-help and she agreed! I shared the name, so who knows? Maybe she’ll drop by!

Another PS: I found this neat site that helps you determine the type, meaning and symbols of flowers.!

Another PSS: Also, don’t forget Dougall Fraser and his work with color!

As you know, I am walking 6 days a week and averaging around 3,000 steps daily. But yesterday, I hit 4,000 purely by accident. So, I thought, I can try to keep that up!

By the by (to avoid another PS) yesterday I visited a beautiful, little rose garden! Turned out I went 4000 steps!

Can I tell you a secret? Bolstered by yesterday’s trek, I had originally thought to walk to my pharmacist today and pick up prescriptions. I was being a little overly-enthusiastic, however, as that would have brought me to at least 7,000 steps round trip. With the heat, I never would have made it back home… unless I was crawling the last half mile.

I think I’ll stick with 3,000 steps for the really hot days.

I think I’ve caught you up on everything and shown you a feast for the eyes! I love love love spring and summer… and fall… and heck, even winter at the beginning. It’s those last four months of winter that kill ya. LOL


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