Summer Drink Recipe -Super Refreshing Unless You’re Feeling Lazy, Then it Tastes Like Your Lawn

I went to a restaurant in California that served this drink and have tried to mimic it at home. I have some do’s and don’t’s… and encourage you to try it if you like lemon, mint and cucumber. Oh, and water. You’ll need that, too.

You can make it and drink it right away or freeze it into ice cubes and put it into water. I like that way best.

Why would you want to drink it, besides the refreshing taste? It is supposed to help inflammation! And we all know you need much more water than most of us are drinking, so it’s a plus there, too!

Good Recipe

Last summer, it turned out WAAAAAY better than this year… let me start with that recipe and instructions:

  • A bag of lemons, juiced, pulp in, seeds removed (about ten lemons)
  • A handful of fresh mint leaves, cleaned
  • One hothouse cucumber or two regular sized, peeled and chopped

I put all ingredients in a blender and whirred until it was liquid, then added an ounce or so into a mason glass full of water… or… froze in a plastic ice cube trays, no water. One “ice cube” per glass of water as a flavoring (benefit of also cooling). Add more ice, if wanted.

Bad Recipe

This year, I cleaned everything of course but left stuff in the fridge too long, so it all was a little… uh… ripe.

I left the rinds on the lemons, just cut them up, the skins on the cucumbers, chopped, and the mint whole, including stems. You’re already saying, “What the heck, Sheryl! Why’d you go and do that?”

Answer: I was thinking there are vitamins in the skins and none of it would hurt me. Also, I was feeling lazy. Mostly, I was feeling lazy. (So sue me – hahaha!).

The blender liquified everything just fine but it tastes… um… super, duper strong and a little bitter. Did I say a little bitter? I mean a lot. Though, it’s not horrible… but it does kinda taste like (what I can only assume is) a handful of rotten grass thrown in lemonade.

It’s also a little murky, as you can see. I kinda expect a pollywog or frog to jump out. But it tastes okay, even still.

So yeah, I far prefer the original recipe. Maybe next year.

Final Thought

When it’s good… it is SPECTACULAR looking and tasting!

I think it would be good with sparkling water too. Maybe gin. I love gin. Can’t drink right now because of my meds. First thing I’m gonna do once my blood pressure if down to normal and I don’t need those blasted pills? You guessed it. Get drunk. Kidding, I think. Obviously, I digress.

Let me know if you try the good recipe, not the bad one.

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