Bio Moment – When the (Falling) Down Days Come

Today is a down day.

I fell yesterday while walking back to my car after a brutal trip to the grocery store. I say “brutal” because it was a big shop (as compared to a small shop, obviously) and included several heavy items (cat litter, distilled water, detergent, etc.) along with an incredible humidity that pretty-much rendered me ‘melted’ by the end. And don’t even ask me what it was like under my mask (still required to wear here)! I picture a petri dish.

I was being a good bunny and returning my shopping cart to the front of the store and just on my way back to the car. I had the good fortune of a front parking place – normally, I’ve been parking in the rear to increase my steps but I knew I’d have a full shopping cart – and was right next to a curb. I stepped up okay but there was a stick on the uneven brick walkway.

My right foot was on the asphalt below but my left shoe caught the stick and like velcro, stuck, and I felt myself going down. Luckily, my left foot uncaught enough that I was able to step down… because I fell on my butt… sitting on the curb. But not before smacking my left shin, right hand and knee on various and sundry items on my way down.

Here’s the culprit. It’s that innocent-looking BAD BOY stuck in the curb on one end and creating a fantastic shoe-STOP to get caught on.

And that wasn’t even the fun part!

Unfortunately, for people like me, the falling is easy. It’s the getting up that’s difficult.

My car door was open, which explains why I was reaching for air as I fell. Had my door been closed, I might have been able to catch myself. But I digress.

I sat on the curb, trying to look natural, with an open door – ostensibly allowing my car to cool off for anyone walking by since I was immediately across from the actual store and let’s face it EVERYONE could see me. “Thanks for asking! I’m fine. Just letting my car cool off as I check Instagram. Completely normal!”


I tried to rock and get up. I got the rocking down fine.

I tried to get on all fours. This was an especially fine moment. Also, no go.

Finally, I was able to get on one knee and use my car seat and door as a brace. Mostly my seat as I didn’t want to pull my door off the hinges. That wouldn’t have been good.

I got in the car and assessed my injuries. Final score: Scrapes and bruises, nothing serious, except blow to ego. Shaky legs. Decided on the spot that I was barely fit to get the groceries in the house and downstairs. Luckily, hubby was home and willing to help. By the time the groceries were put away, I was licking my (mostly emotional) wounds and called it a day, step-ily speaking. I had just over 2000 by that time. Half my goal these days.

Today is another day!

I woke up to rain and cooler temps, which means an inside walking day today. I was planning on cleaning the house today anyway, so… yeah, I’ll be okay. 🙂

But ya know… I still feel… oh, I don’t know… bummy. My stomach feels a little lurchy and off. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

God, I hate this.

Up and down and up and down. It’s a rollercoaster ride you’d rather not get on.

Welp, I’ll just rise above it.

It didn’t help that I had to take an assessment for a job and found out, at the last moment, that I’d already done the assessments for another job and can’t update the scores. My Word test was “proficient” but the Attention to Detail test was… one step up from “Meh.” Can’t change it. It’s a job I really, really WANT, too. Hope they want a warm and welcoming mama-type who occasionally gets scattered.

That’s the second job I applied for this week! Two part-time gems. Send me good juju! Either would be spectacular and allow me plenty of time to continue my work here.


Other than that stuff, I’m doing a-okay, actually. You know, for real. Yeah, I’m kinda down but also kinda up. I think I’ll get myself dressed and start that housekeeping I mentioned. I bought a huge container of white vinegar and box of baking soda (two heavy items from yesterday) and a whack of toothbrushes from the dollar store to finally get the around-the-window area clean —mold, from winter. We have duel-pane windows and in-between, when not frozen, “it’s condensation, Johnny.” <<< That’s a Family Guy reference. You’ll either love me or hate me for sharing it and having such horrid (or awesome) taste to admit I even watch it. All to my humiliation, folks. Withering humiliation.


How are YOU doing?


  1. Very sorry to hear of your fall. The ups and downs…I can relate to on another level. Constant energetic swings, feeling this continual emotional heaviness. There must be something in the water… :-p

    On an aside – I also bought white vinegar and baking soda for cleaning yesterday! Synchronicity! 🙂

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