Bio Moment – I Have a Plan!

Like most things I do, my health journey, started June 7, has been a very black-and-white, all-or-nothing sitch. It has served me well, at least I think so, as I have gotten into the habit of walking daily. I’ve only missed one session, because of a migraine. Seven weeks and counting. Go, me!!

When I woke up to significant rain this morning, I decided that it’s time to introduce some shades of grey. I’ve figured out a few things over the last two months and can use them to my advantage.

For instance, I can tell when a walking-workout (I have a Jane Fonda DVD) or my Qi Gong for Seniors DVD (thanks, Mom!) is using about the same energy as a long walk, though it might not count “steps” in the same way. Up until now, I’ve only counted steps because it’s easy using my phone and simple for both public accountability and not-worrying-as-I-go. I just walk and the app does the rest.

I can also tell when a “chore” like washing and reorganizing the cupboards, vacuuming, or cleaning the bathroom adds a good (albeit smaller) workout for my heart. My sweat-o-meter is very accurate.

Also, I can always just turn on some music and walk-in-place or dance around like the disco queen I used to be (hip gyrations no longer included for obvious reasons).

Finally, as the adult I am, I can decide if another healing modality is more important on a given day for myriad reasons (migraine, vertigo, knee out, etc) in which case I may paint a rock or color an owl or cat from one of my adult coloring books. I might also do a chair workout, included in my Qu Gong DVD. Or Yoga for Seniors, another DVD from Mom.

I mean, my options are limitless!!

Of course, my eating habits will not change, nor will my desire and will to get healthy. Every day, I wake up thinking about where I’ll walk and what I will do to get healthy.

Yesterday, I had a GLORIOUS walk with tons of beauty I’d *never* seen before. This is because… duh… I never got out of the car. I drove past beautiful places that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve lived in this town for 17 years… and missed out on some spectacular beauty… like this…

Yeah, there’s that other slightly famous (LOL) waterfall within driving distance – Welcome to Niagara Falls – but this little one was sooooooooo neat!

Here’s the thing… I’ve driven to the beach in the area a zillion times and each time, I noticed this little building and wondered what it was. There is no parking lot nearby, so of course I just passed it by.

Yesterday, I just ended up close-by by accident and kept going until I reached the little building, which in reality was waaaaaaaay over there across two little bridges. Behind it, there was another little park, tucked away. This waterfall was in it. I felt like I’d struck gold!

Here’s another couple of unrelated shots from yesterday…

All from the same day!! I had quite the walk!!

Anyway, I’d kind-of hoped it would quit raining by now so I could go outside. The only reason I don’t grab an umbrella and walk is because I don’t want to slip. I worry about that because… uh… I’m a bit more … uncoordinated… than I used to be. And I was always a little uncoordinated.

So, it’s an adaptation day! See above.

I will make a note on my Accountability post that things, they are-a-changin’ (a little) with a reminder not to be so dogmatic and hard-on-myself.

It’s all good work I’m doing.

You need to remember this stuff, too, I’m guessing. We sure do make life interesting (and often difficult) for ourselves, don’t we?


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