Picture(s) of the Day- Beach Day!

I decided to walk a new pier today! And while I was there I got lots of other shots! There’s even a carrousel…. so keep scrolling!

Here’s that lighthouse you see in the distance, above! I took it when I got to the end of the pier. No benches yet and boy, was it hot!

A meeting of the (Canada Goose) minds!

A shot from the beach looking towards the pier at the other end… yeah, I walked all that way!!

Boats in the marina and on the water!

Hand-painted carousel characters! I wanted to he careful not to get photos of children so couldn’t capture the entire carousel at once.

I walked 4,609 steps today! Good job to meeeeeee!!!!!


  1. Way to go on the steps and finding a new and inspiring space to walk!

    Rebecca Smith Sent from my iPhone


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