Health Accountability & Encouragement #2

August 7 – 2,370

Getting back to it but not yet 100% well. Had a good day, though!

August 6 – 0

I was wrong yesterday. Read about it HERE.

August 5 – 3,506

Ugh. A million times. Ugh. I wrote about today HERE in a post, if you’d like to go read.

August 4 -3,003

Today was tough because I didn’t plan correctly. I took my husband for an appointment and then dropped him off before going out to walk. I didn’t have my handy-dandy waist pack with water, asthma spray and a place to put my phone (to count steps).

I stopped for an iced tea – which I usually do for before and after my walk – so at least I had that in the car waiting for me.

My purse had asthma spray but I wasn’t very well going to carry THAT around, so I stashed it in a safe place.

I had a walking spot in mind but then worried about having an asthma attack because it’s so lush.

Finally, it’s a park but has no parking. Zero! So, I had to find a trail in from the neighboring… uh… neighborhood. I found it but by then, I was more than a little anxious about the potential breathing issues.

Ugh. What a dumb-ass I can be! Had I PLANNED, none of this would have been a problem.

Anyhow, the trail was MUCH shorter than I expected and I called it a day.

Still, there was this lovely little bridge in the middle. I am finding the neatest places!!!

August 3 – 4,044

A pretty picture of the water today!

August 2 – 5,815

New month, new goal! Wanted no less than 4,000 and kept going when I got there – had to, if I wanted to get home! LOL

Walked the neighborhood today because hubby’s car was behind mine and he was off to take a nap – I’d slept in late – so just decided to put on my dancing shoes and dance… er, walk!

No photos cuz… nothing exciting to see. But PROUD OF ME!!

July 31 – 3,508

Took hubby on one of my fave trails. He loved it, too!!

My full-body shot this week.

Second, a shot of my face from the first week and today – 8 weeks apart. See a difference? My husband helped me see that my jowls are less prominent and my face is starting to look lifted.

July 30 – 5,558

Today, I made a decision before I ever went out to push a little harder because my step count hasn’t been where I’d like over the past several days. Not horrible or anything, just not the progression I had hoped to see for myself. I DID IT!!! I went over 5,000 steps! I walked in the woods AND out on the beach. Yay, me!!!

How cute is this? Someone made a birdhouse out of a gourd!

July 29 – 2,500

Today was a strange day. Started out pouring and once again, I was feeling it in my soul. But after a surprise conversation with my mom and oldest daughter, I felt ready to conquer the day, which had finally brightened up. Too bad it was 2pm by then. LOL! And, yeah, ugh. Still, hubby and I went out and walked. We saw this lovely fountain!

Little disappointed with the steps… but… one of the things my mom and I talked about is how I’m not just hoofing it around the neighborhood. I am purposely searching for scenes that feed my soul. In that way, I’m always a success!

July 28 – 4,000

While walking at a park I have been to many, many times (inside the car, only) I stumbled across a scene that reminds me so much of The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland! I see they’re making a movie about it, too. It’s one of my three fave rides (the other two are Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion!)

July 27 – 3,021

I wasn’t gonna walk. I woke up to thunderstorms inside and outside…

My husband is on holidays and once again (for the bazillion-eth time) we can’t go anywhere. I’m feeling sorry for myself.

I laid (lay, lie, lied?) in bed and wondered if I’m falling into another depression? There is NO reason, as I have been LOVING my days. Then I remembered… oh yeah… depression doesn’t care (just like shingles, if I’m to believe the commercial). Then I also realized that my gut hasn’t been… cooperative… lately. Spastic colitis. Gotta love it. That makes you (me) feel sluggish and heavy.

“Screw it all,” I said to myself, as I dragged my ass out of bed and into my cutest (and most comfy) workout duds. <<< soft, blue, very light sweat pants and a tie-dyed tank in blue, purple and green.

I DID get out there… right next to the water, which I was craving… and I snapped this photo while I was there! Yay, me!!

July 26 – 3,234

It was a GLORIOUS morning and I found yet another woods to walk through!!

July 24 – 3,143

A slow and rainy day. Just added steps along my travels and the last 1,500 or so at home, while listening to music! We plan to take a bonus walk tomorrow – supposed to be sunny! I don’t normally share on Sundays, but I just might wanna! Have a great weekend, all!

July 23 – 3,837

I saw water lilies today!! I also got pooped on by a bird. Ugh. LOL I figured it was time to go home, then. And so, I did! Hahahaha!

One lonely water lily… there were more but they were WAY out there and I couldn’t get a clear shot.

July 22 – 3,711

I found a butterfly garden and a family plot on my travels today!!! God, I love where I live!!!

Down the back of a trail in the back of a park… a family plot!

July 21 – 4,337

On June 7, I embarked on a Health Journey for many reasons outlined here >>> First Accountability & Encouragement post.

WordPress doesn’t like adding to one blog post day by day, especially with photos, so for the last two weeks or so, it’s been losing posts or crashing whenever I add to the original.

Therefore, here we are… Post 2. And some things will be different. I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, a series of selfies since Day 1

The last photo – taken today, July 21 – gives a very good example of what lipedema looks like. My legs are very heavy, lumpy and bumpy, with cankles. And while the photos were all taken in the same mirror, obviously I had some trouble standing in the exact same place, so closer — further — closer. Oy!

Now, I always had heavier legs, which is why I didn’t realize that there were signs of lipedema right there! Right below my knee (on both legs) is a blob. I remember asking my doctor what that was and in typical fashion, she said it was fat. Lose weight. Helpful. Not.

Two years later, during my last pelvic exam, she said, “You know, I think you have lipedema. Look at this,” and she turned her computer around and showed me photos. Yep, there were my blobby legs in all their glory. Well, not *mine* exactly but they sure looked like it!

While lipedema mostly affects the lower half of the body (and mostly women) I am in the 30% of patients in which it affects the upper limbs as well. (Link)

And the third photo shows how a simple top that FITS can make a person (in this case ME) look slimmer. I’m NOT slimmer but the top sure makes it look like I am!

I’m sharing these photos in order to show the progression of just walking from 1000 to 4000+ steps daily. It may not look like much to you but I can clearly see the lumps and bumps smoothing out all over my body. It’s like the fat is moving around, too. My stomach is flatter and my waist is trying really hard to break through!

Okay, so…

It’s been six (going on seven) weeks and walking has changed my life in so many ways!

  1. I have more energy
  2. I’m proud of myself
  3. I’ve seen things I never would have otherwise seen
  4. I feel closer to God, who I believe created all the beauty I’m seeing in nature
  5. I have a purpose, which is to heal

Up until now, I’ve snapped a shot of my steps from the app on my phone. I think I’ve proven to you over the years (and in my first accountability thread) that I am honest, so I’m going to simply type out the number of steps or what I did on any given day in the heading.

Today, as you can see in my heading, it’s 4,337 steps.

At some point, yes, I will share my weight… not yet… it’s still too embarrassing. It will be less-so when I say, “I used to weigh… and now I weigh…”

I am reminded of a story: I was about… oh… 26, I guess, and for reasons I don’t feel like going into at the moment, was the only one working and supporting our little family of five. I was a stressed mess with three kids under four and a husband who wasn’t working.

Back in the 1980s, I was a bank teller. The other tellers and I were balancing our tills and just chatting one evening and weight came up. I’m not sure what would make me chime in and be honest about my own weight – um, I had no shame? – but at the time, I weighed 225 and said so. My manager gasped and said I weighed as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger! They all turned to look at me and it felt like they instantly lost any respect they had for me. There were some giggles.

At that *very moment* my world stopped. I was not only embarrassed, I was humiliated. I didn’t work there much longer.

Until I met my (current and final) husband, I never again shared my actual weight with anyone. I only told him because it keeps me accountable. And yes, it’s embarrassing, even though he loves me.

So, yes, I will be sharing… when I’m comfortable.

What I will say is that thus far, I have lost a solid ten pounds in seven weeks from WALKING alone. Just that. I haven’t changed my diet, which was always okay except for bingeing. I can’t bring anything binge-worthy into the house. I’ll eat it. So no cookies, cakes or ice cream. Do I have an occasional treat? Yes, on Sundays, usually. Though yesterday, if you’re following along, you’ll know I hit the bakery for my husband’s low-sugar bread… and scones. Bought six, ate three. See what I mean? Can’t. Do. It.  

Like my previous post, I will add the days on top of this one so the newest is on top. And I’m using a featured photo of something pretty so my big behind isn’t pinned up there for all to stare at. LOL

And finally, I thought I’d have hit 10,000 steps by now but boy, I was NOT prepared for what my body would tell me. It’s one thing to be tired – even dog tired – and another altogether when lipedema-inflamed legs simply STOP working. When that happens, I listen. I WILL get to 10,000 but while I’m pushing myself… I’m also being gentle when necessary. I believe that a steady, daily practice is better than giving up because I pushed too hard.

The featured photo is a timepiece… a sundial!!! … and isn’t it spectacular? I saw it on my walk today… at what time? Nearly 11am…

And all is well.


  1. Seriously…waS that at our bank? I do not remember that story but it was a terrible thing to say. Grrrr.people!

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