Bio Moment – Dreams and Feathers

As you may remember, I LOVE dreaming and the messages I get from nighttime dramas.

When something is trying to get my attention, I dream about it – over and over again. The first time I told you about this kind of repeater-dream, it was about being lost and later, cruise ships. Now, it’s about – of ALL things – malls. Yep, you read that right… malls. You know, the old-fashioned (er, 90s) place you used to love as a teenager, or in my case, as a young mom. The one with the food court, anchor stores like JC Penney or Macy’s, See’s Candy, Mrs. Field’s cookies and the sound of happy crowds, underscored by muzak.

As an aside, have you ever looked at So sad. But I digress.

In my dreams, there is only natural light, with skylight openings in the roof. Are stores open? Yes and no. Sometimes. Other times, no. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to that. At least, not yet.

Each dream has someone I’m looking for…

… my ex-husband, my grandmother, my grandfather, and last night, my dad.

In real life, each of them is deceased.

In each case, I find them there, always under a skylight. In the case of Dad, his silver hair was shining.

You’ve probably already figured out, as my husband did and for some reason I did NOT, that the mall represents heaven. When he said it this morning, I’m like, “Of COURSE! Duh! That feels exactly right!”

Sheesh. Could it have been any clearer?


The mall is the place I went to get anything I needed. Everything was there. It was filled with people and I felt safe, even when alone.

Malls are – as mentioned above – mostly dead these days.

Once again, art (or at least, my dreams) imitate(s) life.

It could even be connected to church and the feelings I have about what I’ve called churchianity. Once a safe place, church was, and no longer. I may be stretching… but this is what you do with dreams. You try them on for size and toss out what doesn’t fit.

In one dream, the mall turned into a college campus with rolling hills and a library, as I was trying to find an estranged friend I haven’t seen for years.

As I thought about this today and went through all my “Mall Dreams” I feared that my former friend had died. I even checked online. I didn’t find an obituary. Then, I realized that SHE is not deceased but the friendship IS… and I had something important to learn from her and it. School = Learn. Am I right?


I’m still going to be working on the dreams centering on the mall because I feel there’s something I’m missing. The details are written in my journals and I’ll just need to delve a little deeper. But I certainly think I’ve hit the crux.

Also, last night I got to hug my dad… and it felt fabulous!

Speaking of Dad… and Mom…

Take a look at my featured photo and you will see a beautiful bowl that my mother made… oh, gosh… about 35 years ago, I think? I always loved it and she gave it to me years ago! I’ve taken good care of it and it never had a purpose other than looking lovely on a shelf.

On my walks, I sometimes find feathers. When I found the first one, I wrote a little haiku and shared a photo. The second one, I clearly heard Dad say, “I am with you,” and I bawled like a baby and as I carried that feather home. The third, I was like… “Hi, Dad!” and today, another, the white one, I’m sure from a seagull because I was next to the water. All four are different and beautiful. All are from Dad. I’m sure of it!

You know how some people believe when they find dimes or pennies, it’s a crossed-over loved one’s message? I really thought Dad would leave wheat-back pennies, because he used to collect them. I have a hand-full myself.

But I heard him so clearly with the feather… and let’s face it… I don’t even live in the country where wheat-backs were used (they were in the US, I live in Canada). What would be the chances of EVER seeing one just laying on a path? I mean, I guess that would be a SUPER DUPER MESSAGE from Dad. Hahaha! It’s just the kind of thing he might do, if he could. I’ll let you know on that one.

In the meantime, I turned this bowl into a vessel to hold the feathers I find on my walks… when Dad is walking with me. I now have both of my parents energies infused in this beautiful display. I just love it! Don’t you?


  1. Great story. I used to try to capture my dreams in my journal, but have fallen off over the years. It’s very enlightening when we can bring forth meaning from our dreams. Wonderful read.

    Liked by 1 person

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