Bio Moment – We’re Survivors

Every so often, something totally benign catches my attention and cries out for a blog post.

The last time it happened, it was a Saturday… misty and foggy… and I was walking the sidewalks of my neighborhood. In fact, it was the last time I walked so close to home – two Saturday’s ago.

Since then, I’ve driven to trails and paths because I was getting kinda… dare I say it?… bored.

Still, in this midst of the boredom, I ran across two plants with something to say.

And so, I snapped a shot of each and they’ve been sitting quietly among my photos of flowers and fountains, waves at the beach and canopies of trees sheltering wooded trails.

This morning, the photos said…


So, I began by sharing the flowers on the left on my Instagram. I mean, it is a neat photo all on its own, right? The other photo is equally important to this conversation but not necessarily beautiful in the same way (unless you love weeds growing through slats of a decrepit wooden bench! No judgement!).

I can tell you right where both photos were taken, too, on that misty morning.

One, on a busy intersection with a bus stop, traffic lights and bench that looked like it could give you one hell of a splinter in the nether regions.

On another corner up the street, flowers bloomed around a telephone pole while traffic buzzed by, not noticing their finery. And still, they bloomed.

I love that! Keep going flowers!!!!!

You should know that I’m feeling kinda… discouraged, lately… not by the beauty I’ve seen around me – oh, that’s been spectacular and amazing! – and I’ve been sharing a photo a day on my Accountability thread, if you wanna see (<<< the link will take you there).

Nope, it’s the JOURNEY regarding my health… cuz… yeah… even though I can clearly see a difference in my face and body, the scale – that blasted scale! – isn’t budging. I’m stuck and I shouldn’t be.

Does muscle really weigh more than fat? Is that what’s happening? Don’t answer… I’m just being ornery.

These plants reminded me that we always find a way to survive and thrive… and I’m just gonna have to keep going with that realization. Keep blooming, like the flowers… even if nobody sees or cares.

THAT’S what those photos represent to me.

Now, for YOU, they may represent how you can flower and thrive after disease, a mental health crisis, abuse, or any indignity life (people, politics) throw at us. Nobody gets by unscathed, eh?

Yep, the photos remind me that I need to reach for the sun… the goodness… in my journey! Remind myself that I now have…

  • More energy
  • More gratitude
  • More confidence
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Higher sense of adventure
  • An ongoing and permanent (since I take so many photos) treat for the eyes!

I mean, the list could go on and on…

I am one lucky and blessed son-of-a-gun and I know it. Now, to get my butt off this chair and get out there again today. The sun is shining, there are clouds in the sky and a coolish breeze, on the last day of July, for crying-out-loud!

I will never say that the summer of 2021 passed me by without notice. No-sir-eeeee! I have enjoyed and relished every moment. That, in itself, is such a gift.

How’s your summer been?

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