Cat Tarot? – “The Fool” Speaks!

I’m not a full-time soothsayer, and in fact, I’m not really a soothsayer at all. But I do have fun with tarot cards, especially if they’re cats. I mean, c’mon! Cats!

Most of my decks are hardly broken in… and are a pain-in-the-butt to shuffle. They’re awkwardly large and don’t fit in my Dupuytren’s Contracture’d hands. In fact, my fave deck isn’t a tarot deck at all. It’s a Romany Fortunes deck and the only reason the cards are basically falling apart is because… can you guess?… the size! They’re like a regular playing deck with less cards. And, being honest, they spoke to me. I don’t need a book to tell me what they mean… and though there is symbology (is that a word?) they’re pretty simplistic. I’ve used them a LOT.

But today, I decided to break out the cat deck and see what it had to say.

My question was…

What should I do with this-here blog?

I laugh because I would normally never say “this-here” but for some reason, I did, so I’m being real with you guys. That’s what I asked.

It was a one-card deal-e-o. I shuffled and shuffled, best I could, and cut and cut and cut. Then I shuffled some more. And cut and cut.

One card fell out of the deck.

Ah, the answer has arrived!

The inverted fool.


My first thought, of course, was that I’m being a fool.

But then I realized it’s inverted, which is always the opposite. Maybe “always” isn’t a good word here… but almost always.

The cat is wearing a Santa hat. Why? Wait, that’s not a Santa hat. It’s some kind of hunting hat with flaps. But the sun is shining and there’re flowers.

What does it meeeeeeeaaaaaannnnn?

So, I took out the fancy little book that came with the cards…

The card knows me, doesn’t it?

Overthinking much?

Yeah, I know. I know!

Seeing as this is more of a novelty deck, I went back to my copy of the ancient, stained, bent and yellow-paged Understanding Tarot by Jocelyn Almond & Keith Seddon to see what they have to say about The Fool, inverted.

Childishness in a negative sense is indicated when the card appears reversed. Reckless and impulsive behavior is suggested.”


Next, I went online. Goggle answers, “What does the Fool reversed mean?” with this:

As with the upright meaning, The Fool reversed signifies a new beginning. … The Fool tarot card reversed can be an indication of living in the moment but also can be a sign that in your excitement you are behaving somewhat recklessly towards others. It can signify being irrational, lack of fun and lack of faith or hope.
The Fool Tarot Card Meaning – The Tarot Guide › the-fool

Well, gee whiz!!!

Me? Irrational? Reckless? <<< I used to be both! ADHD is good for that kind of behavior. I’m reminded of a story… aren’t I always? I’ll skip it this time. *Ahem*

Back to the subject at hand…

I guess that’s why any legit tarot reader would say that you read the cards with a caring and open heart, knowing that the same card may mean different things for two different clients. Makes sense, right?

So, for me…

As you know, for the past couple of years, I have been trying to make this-here blog (haha!) into a money-maker so I can make it my full-time job. That, and walking. My walking has turned into a part-time endeavor, taking about 2-3 hours of my day. I spent another several hours of my day here and on my other social media, creating. Then, I read. Pet the real-live cats in our home. Take photos. And yes, okay, and play Candy Crush. Don’t hate me.

It feels kinda perfect, except for the part where I don’t get paid to do it.

It’s a labor of the heart, for sure, and I’d keep doing it even if I never got paid… but wouldn’t it be nice in my twilight years… to… supplement my husband’s income (and whatever old-people money we get) with this legacy of mine?

To that end, you’re probably going to see advertising on this blog space soon. I was dead-set against it for the last four years because I’m selfish and territorial. This space is MINE MINE MINE! But if I can make some coin here and there by letting WordPress stick an ad in? I should do that, considering everything I’ve said. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s appropriate content, like books and therapy and stuff. We shall see.

As far as the cat tarot? I like it! In the end, it’s the closest to fitting me and my situation – of all those I listed up there. Don’t you think?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this and the cat tarot is awesome 👌. Also the Romany cards . I may have to have a look on line for some.

    Liked by 1 person

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