I couldn’t be viral if I tried! LOL

Yes, I’m actually laughing out loud because I did a Facebook Live this morning to share with you here and when I went to get the link just now, I noticed that 12 people watched 3 seconds of it and then turned it off. LOL

A following, on Facebook, I do not have.

Ya know, I could have skipped sharing ANY of my health journey with ya’ll and wonder sometimes if that wouldn’t have been better.

But it’s not who I am!

You know me.

Actually, maybe you don’t know that along with my propensity towards purging things is a desire to distill what’s left.

Before Marie Kondo and her Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which tells us to put “like with like” (Quotes mine because I can’t remember exactly how she says it… but what it means is books with books, music with music, cleaners with cleaners and things used for cleaning, etc.) I was doing the same thing.

I belonged to a message board that had a blogging section and I had no less than six blogs in my time there. When I finally left the site, years later, I had amalgamated all the blogs into one and called it a day.

It’s the same reason I got rid of all my blogs on WordPress and Blogger, too. That, and my other desire to purge what I no longer want, which reminds me of my post yesterday about cutting off people with a sharp knife. But I digress.

So, what that means for me is that I want all my *stuff* in one place. THIS PLACE. This is the place where everything-Sheryl lands. Love it (me) or hate it (me) this is whats ya gets.

Therefore, and without further adieu, here I be in all my glory.

Quick note!

September 21, 2021

I closed my Facebook account today and therefore this video is not available. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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