Photo Journal & Update on my Health Journey – Last of the Summer Blooms

The Summer of 2021 will stand out as one of the best of my life!

I will never forget how I made time stand still by just GETTING OUT OF THE CAR and walking around.

What a gift!

This has been a healing, energy-boosting, strength-affirming, God-connecting time that allowed me to test my limits and find moments and things that carry beautiful, powerful, and profound meaning – like my “Dad” Feathers. *sniffle* I sure miss him! It’s only been six months… and yet, I still hear his voice in my ear. He talks to me a lot! Especially when I’m out walking. ♡

And, of course, June 7 was also the day when I began my purposeful health journey.

As you likely know, I had hit a weight plateau during the last two weeks of July and decided it was time to add in a new eating plan. I kept things simple. I talked about the plan (and app) I’m using HERE, if you’d like to read more.

I am pleased to report that I have broken that blasted plateau and lost an additional 4 pounds since August began!! That means…

I’m 19 pounds down!!!

I’m right on track with my plan! By next year, I should be able to ride a bike, and a horse, and/or fit in an airplane seat comfortably, not to mention any other seat. Go, meeeee!!!

Here’s some other things I’ve learned…

My skin HATES the sun. I can’t believe I used to live in the land of sunshine and never had a problem. Of course, it didn’t help that I bought and used that dangerous recalled sunscreen quickly followed by a commercial on TV that said, “Did you use that sunscreen and get leukaemia or other blood cancers?” … which I didn’t… I mean, I only used it once and then pitched it when I heard about the recall.

However, what it DID mean is that I was never using that – or any other – sunscreen again. Thanks, health anxiety, which had been doing VERY WELL lately… but… because of this sunscreen situation came roaring back!

Anyway, it’s probably good that we’re headed to the end of the season so I can comfortably cover up my arms and upper back, which are freckled, tan, red, and occasionally, itchy. I’ve been choosing shady paths, when possible… and using medicated lotions, which help… but … it’s all a lot of trouble. I love the sun! Always have! What a bummer!

Reframe: On the plus side, I no longer look like Casper the Friendly Ghost. Win/win?

Another thing I noticed is that I’ve only had one migraine since June. This is NEW! I haven’t gone this long between migraines for twenty years!! Is it the walking? The weight loss? The blood pressure going down, even small increments? (I’ve been testing twice weekly and it does seem to be going down!) No matter *what* it is… I’m thrilled! The less of the big-gun meds I need to take, the better. And of course, less pain is always a bonus!

And finally, while I’ve had a couple of dips into Depression-World, I haven’t fallen into any pits… always a good thing!

Like I said… a FANTABULOUS summer!

Next, we’re heading into my FAVORITE season – Autumn!! Something to look forward to!!!

Okay, so…

My dear Ruby (my car) has an appointment at the mechanic on Tuesday because (we think!) she has a fuel filter problem. She’s been coughing and sputtering… and stalling at stop signs and traffic lights. They already checked the codes, so we know it’s not electrical or computer-generated, no “service engine soon” lights… and oddly, also no fuel smell. Car problems are the worst, aren’t they?

So, no driving to a walking spot until after Tuesday. A neighborhood walk it was… on this very humid, overcast Saturday!

I decided to take photos of all the flowers I could find in my travels… one last hurrah, if you will.

I’d like to mention my Featured Image which was chosen because I love the colors together… aren’t they GORGEOUS? Peach and yellow… two big faves of mine!

As for the rest of these… I just walked and snapped… oooh’d and ahhh’d… and snapped… no need for any filter, of course! And also, no need for explanations.


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