Mind to Matter – It all begins with a thought…

I’m going to tell you a few things right up front…

  1. This is a Mom’s Pick
  2. This will take a commitment of at least a week (or in my case, a month)
  3. This is an beautifully-written book about how reality meets impossibility
  4. You will question everything you’ve ever believed OR think it’s all crap-on-a-stick

Mind to Matter by Dawson Church shares two diverse thoughts:

  1. Thoughts become things
  2. Thoughts do NOT become things

Now that that’s cleared up!


Pertaining to the above…

  1. I love how this book clarifies that everything in our daily lives – coffee, a chair, our vehicle, and clothing, etc – was once just a thought in someone’s mind. In this way, “Thoughts become things” is very tangible and true, indeed! It also means that we can think our way into or out of a certain situation (a great job interview, meeting the right partner, being “led” to something that was lost, etc) which is mostly intangible. As Church says, these things are “Manifestly true.”
  2. On the other hand, there are things we will never “think into existence,” and Church gives examples like being 16 again, or playing for a pro football team. No matter how hard you think and/or manifest it to be true… it’s not gonna happen! Certainly, there are limits to what our brains can do.

Honestly, everything I’ve shared above is the book in a nutshell. But taking my word for it would deny you excellent writing, ideas, experiments, illustrations and neuro-science that all weaves together into a spectacular book. At least, I think so!

To be clear, in my research, I found everything from, “I’m on my fourth reading and will come back to it again and again!” to “Nothing new here blah, blah, blah”.

Your results may vary.

Also, just a head’s up that Tapping and HeartMath are both mentioned in this book, as well. It’s neat to see all these modalities tied together!


Much of what Church talks about is not new to me either but what it did was verify and solidify some of my own beliefs. For example, I have LONG BELIEVED that electromagnetic fields mess with our heads… and I mean from WAY back in the 1970s when I learned about it from a very cool science teacher who played Jethro Tull in his classroom. But I digress.

According to Church, the brain IS an electromagnetic organ that is “exquisitely sensitive” to electromagnetic fields.

I knew it!

There are discoveries like this on *every page* of this book…

I love the discussion of Caveman Brain… which reminds me of, “The Lizard Brain” in some of my other studies. It’s the most basic of the brain’s jobs to survive…fight or flight.

The caveman is all about survival and basically asks himself two questions at any given time:

  1. Can I eat it?
  2. Will it eat me?

As you might imagine, this mindset is very anxiety-inducing. Church says, “The very skill that kept our ancestors alive – looking for the bad stuff and ignoring the good stuff – is killing us today.”

OMG, it makes SO MUCH SENSE, doesn’t it? It certainly does to me… especially under the umbrella of Health Anxiety.

Mind to Matter also reminds me a bit of The Celestine Prophecy as it pertains to the collective unconscious, which is “(in Jungian psychology) the part of the unconscious mind which is derived from ancestral memory and experience and is common to all humankind, as distinct from the individual’s unconscious.” Thanks, Google!

I think we can all agree that there’s a collective unconsciousness (maybe a few) flaring up all over our earth. While we *want it to be good* … it is instead causing division. This is not to say that there isn’t a group of people all over the world trying to bring healing, peace and goodness. Of course, there is!!

Reminds me of my Aqualead Training. I am an Aqualead Master and can train and practice on actual (real-live) folks but haven’t done either. I need to think about why that is… but it’s obviously not why I brought it up. Just me digressing, once again.

My point is that Aqualead (in particular) works really well when done in a group setting – either in-person groups or virtual (all at the same time). As I shared in an earlier post:

I was among an Aqualead group that sent healing to the fires in California and Australia … and get this … to my bathroom sink. A group of us sent healing to our clogged drain and I literally HEARD IT unclog as I stood over it. No water was running, no draino poured in… just a bunch of us sending healing at exactly the same time. So cool!

And, OMG, yet another reminder… The Power of Eight! If we got 8 people doing Aqualead…

My head is spinning!

Clearly, this book brings up all sorts of things… all of them good. And I’m gushing a little… and can’t possibly tell you about everything in this hefty tome. Well, it’s not *that* heavy but it is over 300 pages in (larger trade) paperback. The paper is quality, too, so it is actually kind of heavy! LOL I do tend to go on and on.

It’s a keeper for my bookshelf. Let me know if you read it and what you think!


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