1. Okay, so I’m walking for ice this morning when suddenly directly in my line of vision there are two huge solid feathers, white with a little tasteful tan, waving hi and saying they were sent by you and your dad. This gave me exactly the great big smile it was supposed to — even though my own feather in this triplet was a mere junior dinky piece of California fluff hanging on up somewhere by your stems just to complete the pleasant arrangement — Hahaha!! The smile turned to a chuckle and I kept snorting periodically all my achy li’l way back to the gypsy cart 😆😁 Thanx

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  2. This post made my soul get up and sing! I’m so happy for you both!

    As someone who’s been actively channeling since I was but a wee toddler I can tell you that, of all the attempted messages back to loved ones still “caught in the mortal toil,” feathers seem to be the very commonest — they come up in stories, all unknown to one another, again and again and again.

    Lovely, lovely!

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