The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up – Set Your Alarm! Worth it!

The name Enneagram comes from the Greek: Ennea is the Greek word for nine and Gramma means something that’s drawn or written. (Link)

This book was sent to me to review. Yep, I love this “job” that’s mostly pleasure!

Have I ever written about the Enneagram?



Why is that?

I had to think on it for a bit…

You know, honestly… I think a part of it is the spelling of the word “Enneagram”. See, I have learning disabilities in the areas of spelling… oh, and math (i.e. anything with numbers).


Weirdly spelled word + numbers and charts = Danger to Sheryl the LD Adult.


The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up by Beatrice Chestnut, PhD and Uranio Paes, MM (the MM stands for A Master of Management degree – because I knew you’d want to know, as I did) is…


First, the cover. I mean, yeah, the cover isn’t *everything* but it is the first thing we see… and it made me happy. I love the glossy, splashy color!

But enough about the outside…

It is the inside that really shines!

This is a step-by-step guide, written and illustrated in a way that didn’t confuse, speak over my head, or frustrate me as I tried to work my way through. In fact, I was EXCITED to find out where I fell, my strengths and weaknesses, patterns, shadow, and SO MUCH MORE.

I found myself drawing, turning corners, sticking post-it notes, and making notes directly in the book, which I … uh…

I was going to say that I don’t make notes in books or turn the corners or other atrocities but in all honestly, lately, I have been… especially when I want to come back to pertinent pages… and this book seems to invite it.

Let’s begin at the beginning…

There are nine numbers your personality can fall under – and the chart looks like this.

I’m not going to share about what the numbers mean… except, I will be sharing a little about my number… to whet your appetite. I’m a meanie like that. <evil grin>

I’m a 2 and proud of it! We are the caretakers, rescuers and supporters. Yep, that’s me!

Not that everything is dandy for us 2s… because, of course, we get burnout and… AND… What’s this?… Say it ain’t so?!… I *certainly* DO NOT recognize myself under the shadow of “invasive, needy, and manipulative”. No… *shaking head*… I really don’t.


KIDDING! I most certainly DO. Not my most glittering qualities, which is why they show up under “The Shadow” conversation.

OMG, this book knows me. I mean, it REALLY, REALLY knows me.

A little aside that may interest you: All the lines point to other numbers (the 2, for example, points to 8 and 4) and also has “wings” to adjacent numbers 1 and 3. All these things… mean things.

Again, I don’t want to get too deeply into it here, as I want you to read the book!

There is SO MUCH to mine!!

This isn’t one of those skinny books where you figure out “your number” and read three paragraphs that barely get your feet wet. You know the kind I mean. So annoying!

In fact, my chapter on the number 2 goes from 35 – 60! See what I mean?

This book is absolutely the best I’ve read on the subject because it captured my attention and KEPT IT. I read it in an afternoon and a half before I dug in to figure out who I am, numberly-speaking. It’s been a joy from beginning to end.

I was so excited to read and learn! You will be, too! Let me know if you get it!

To connect with the authors:


Instagram: @cpenneagram


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