Do I Look Fat in This? – Gettin’ over yerself!

September 2, 2021

Yes, I liked the book I’m reblogging about today … but no, I didn’t keep it for my bookshelf. I’m not sure why… unless it just happened to be an especially extensive purge… of which I am (in)famous.


The Self-Help Whisperer®

Yeah, who hasn’t asked themselves or others, “Do I look fat in this?”

Not a one-of-us! That’s what I thought.

Perfect name for a book, right?

Rhonda Britten is among a small list of “Life Coaches” I follow… and did before life coaches were even a thing. I’ve written about her once before, while discussing her book, Fearless Living. I won’t rehash the whole story here, except to say that I met her in person, along with 25 (or so) of my fellow co-workers, during an in-service at the college where I worked. That was *some* job I had there! (Ah, the perks of living and working in California, eh?)

Anyway, I like Britten. A lot.

I’ve followed her on social media over the years and yes, she has struggled with her weight a little. Never fat, she was at times, softer

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