Selenite – First in a series about CRYSTALS!

Several things came into play to create this series.

First, I love crystals. They’re sparkly and shiny and I love, love, love sparkly and shiny things!

Second, it may have taken me years to start collecting crystals but once I did, I was hooked. I don’t have a million but I have a small but mighty collection.

Third, I got a couple of books (about crystals, obviously!) as gifts.

Fourth, I won a beautiful crystal water bottle.

Note: Of *course* I shared the bounty about all of the above with you guys… as shown in these posts that include mentions of my crystals.

Finally, and perhaps the most important catalyst (of the moment)… I found these neato crystal wisdom healing oracle cards (I could only find them for you on Amazon Canada, sorry!). I bought them at a local bookstore. *sigh*.

They have gorgeous photos of the crystals with metallic-silver edges (*swoon*). (Being honest, I would have preferred a silver “frame” on each card instead of the pastel colors, like the purple on this one, but I’ll live! LOL)

There is an accompanying book that gives a page or so of info about each crystal.

Selenite isn’t my favorite crystal (I actually have many but the list always begins with Rose Quartz and includes Tiger Eye, Peridot and Selenite).

One thing SELENITE is… is… POWERFUL.

My little book here says it’s a “Cosmic Vibration” which means it works at the level of spirit and soul. It invokes mental clarity, divine inspiration and is connected to the highest chakra, the crown.

You will notice that my unicorn horn sits on a pad, also selenite. That pad is used to “charge” crystals (when needed) in the light of a full (or special) moon. In fact, the word “selenite” means “moon” in Greek. (Link) If I’m remembering correctly, isn’t Selene the Greek Goddess of the Moon?

Selene is a female given name taken from Selene (Greek Σελήνη, [selɛ̌ːnɛː], ‘moon’) in Greek mythology. Selene was an archaic lunar deity and the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia. Her equivalent in ancient Roman religion and myth is Luna, Latin for “moon.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Anyway, you simply set the crystals on the pad in the moonlight overnight and Voilà, fully charged! Mine is small (as you can see) but they come in all sizes for the very, very serious collector whose crystals need some significant uumph!

Let’s talk about pricing and where you should buy your crystals. Both are intertwined.

  1. You can buy pieces from Amazon or online at myriad crystal shops (<<< links live). Prices and quality vary. When you add in shipping, it can get pretty pricey for something you can’t hold in your hand first. I really like to hold them before purchase to get a sense of the energy. But!!! I have received some beautiful pieces – most namely, a stunning and energy-filled rose quartz pendulum from my parents last year! It was originally purchased from Amazon and is a fave of mine!
  2. You can buy them at local shops (new age, pagan or “mind, body, soul”). Best thing about this is you will get a feeling when you enter the store. Trust your gut. There are usually very small polished (or non-polished) crystals for under $5, if you want to collect a bunch.
  3. You can find crystals in thrift shops. No kidding, I once saw a huge amethyst for $20 (they’re well over $100 for the large ones, new) and didn’t have the cash to grab it. By the time I came back, oh yeah, it was gone!
  4. You can buy from private sellers. This only works if it’s someone you trust, in my opinion. You know there are scammers out there… even in the healing modalities world. Ugh.
  5. You can find them in nature. My kids and their dad used to hike a LOT and brought home all sorts of treasures.You just never know what you’ll find! I suppose it’s obvious to say that since Selenite is found in caves in Mexico, it’s probably not *that* even if it looks like it. In some cases, who cares? It’s the loving and healing energy infused in the stone that makes it special.

I’ve gotten mine from all of the above. Along with some generous gifts from people I love, as mentioned. You’ll be hearing more about them as we go along in the series.

For more information on Selenite, please visit:

From Healthline

Healing Crystals for You


Please tell me in the comments if you like this idea of talking about crystals. If so, I’ll plan on adding new crystals to the series every so often – or weekly – you know me! LOL


  1. Crystals, especially salt crystals are very popular on the Carolina coast. Unfortunately for me, the only Crystal I ever knew was my prom date.

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