Easy Like Sunday – It’s been a while! Come, sit…

Once upon a time – back in 2017- I dedicated Sundays to simple posts from my heart to yours… no links… no fuss… no mess.

I called them (as if you didn’t already figure it out) “Easy Like Sunday” posts, and yes, like the song.

If my counting is correct, there are 76 – this will make it 77 – “Easy like Sunday” posts. I haven’t written one in a while (since May this year, actually) and today I found myself drawn to the computer with nothing in particular to say. So, it being Sunday and all… here I be!

Hmmm… what first?

My summer has been magical in every conceivable way! I’ve told you about some of this along the way, but I feel like listing it today:

  • I started walking in early June
  • I’ve walked all over this region
  • I’ve been “doing it afraid” and “doing it tired” and “doing it in spite of…”
  • I’ve seen things I never would have otherwise seen
  • I’ve lost 20 solid pounds (so far!)
  • I’ve changed my eating (as of last month) and I’m counting calories, fat, water intake and ounces (of both the food I eat and the actual weight of my body. I never thought I’d celebrate a 2 oz loss, but there it is!)
  • I’ve had less migraines and less bouts with depression and anxiety (until the last week, dang it! The changing of the seasons seem to affect me profoundly.)
  • I bought new walking shoes – Sketchers with memory foam, soft as a cloud
  • I’ve collected feathers that my beautiful dad’s spirit has been leaving for me. I know this because I talk to him all the time, especially when it’s just the two of us walking in nature. I first told you about it in this post.
  • I’ve been collecting crystals! I kinda have a-bunch now! I’ll be writing more about that soon.
  • I’ve organized our kitchen
  • We’re eating at home more often and I’m experimenting with things – OMG, I love avocado toast with “everything bagel seasoning”… can I be an honorary Millennial?
  • I’ve grown out my hair – it’s the longest it’s been since 2000! It’s gray and wavy and fabulous!
  • I’ve read some AWESOME books! (Not just self-help, either!)
  • I’ve been sent a few books to review, which I LOVE. It means people are finding me and think of me with respect. It also means that my words *mean* something, which is the most important thing of ALL. I hope that you, my readers, feel it too!

I could go on and on…

I will never forget the Summer of 2021!

Yes, even with the blasted pandemic!


My FAVORITE season is Autumn… Fall… September… October… Novem… well, half of November. LOL Then it feels like winter. But I digress.

Apple Cider, Pumpkin Spice, the colors of the changing leaves, the crispiness in the air, the things I can’t eat right now (muffins, scones, all the bread-y wonderfulness) wearing scarves, corduroy, denim and plaid, no sweating my makeup off, cuddling up in bed with a thriller, Hallo-freakin’-ween (oh no, candy! Ugh! LOL)… It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie BrownLady in While

And, ah yes…

Letting go.

The season is really about Letting Go… of the leaves… of the things that no longer serve us…

So that, in the winter…

All the fallen things will die.

Which is how I often feel…

… until the Winter Solstice… December 21… when the sun will stay out just a little longer… and then the days start getting longer again… and just when we think we can’t survive another dark day or snowstorm…

Spring comes… and re-birth.

We begin again.

I’m hoping that this year, with the foundation (there’s that word again!) of this wonderful summer, I will be able to (if not) glide through it, at least rise above (a little!?).

That’s my message for today!

I hope you’re all having a beautiful long Labor Day weekend… enjoying what’s left of these waning summer days… on a boat… at the beach… or at home with your family… safely.

As for me… I’m reading Louise Penny‘s newest book, The Madness of Crowds (along with the other self-help books I mentioned above). If you haven’t read Penny’s books, you should! I’ve written about her before HERE because her writing is… oh my gosh… so deeply personal, psychological and beautiful. Yes, there’s murder and mystery… but it’s the relationships of the characters that carries these books along (one of which is the town they live in – Three Pines – and yes, I’m serious, the TOWN has a personality!). My goodness… she is a phenomenal writer and storyteller! 🙂


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