Bio Moment – Letting one of the dead leaves fall…

To be clear…

This is not a slam-fest against Instagram. It’s a fun, interactive site! Maybe TOO interactive, which is the problem. But I’m (as usual) getting ahead of myself.

We’ve talked a million-kazillion times about creation and destruction, haven’t we?

The difference this time is that I’ve given it a lot – A LOT – of thought.

You know I’ve been watching what I eat. I’ve been using an app, like the cool kids do. I’ve also been watching my time online… thanks to another app.

Of course, I need to be online to write my blog posts and everything that surrounds that, from research to getting links, to downloading photos. That’s expected.

What’s NOT expected is to wake up in the morning, spend two hours online before ever getting out of bed, and once I do, having nothing to show for it. Well, maybe that is kinda expected but what I mean is… lately, I’ve *noticed* it.

One of my huge time-kills is Instagram. And worse yet, it is a program that’s doing NOTHING to further my personal agenda, which is (was) to dazzle followers with my amateur photography skills and hopefully guide them (gently, of course) to … uh … HERE. As in, this blog.

Neither of the above has occurred.

If you remember, I wrote a whole post about another of my socials, Pinterest, which sends people over here at a nice clip. So does my Facebook page. If you look at this photo, which I took straight from my stats, you will see from where viewers are referred…

Notice that Instagram is… below everything except LinkedIn, which I don’t even share here because it’s a personal page for finding work.

Surprisingly, even Twitter does a better job at referring readers, and while I do automatically share posts there, I almost never tweet!

You know… I spent hours creating cute, clever sayings… and I know they weren’t perfect, but I liked them. Here’s an actual one I shared…

I even bought special paper, pens, pastels and worked on my calligraphy skills (ahem, I still have none! LOL Calligraphy’s hard!). I even bought black paper and white pens!

And I shared photos… so many photos… of the beauty that surrounds me.

Like this one…

I loved all my photos but I could love them by… uh… just looking at them on my phone or computer. It’s not like anyone else was looking…

So, to me, it was all for… basically … nada.

To be overly-honest, an average of three people liked what I was sharing… unless it was pics of our cats. Then, I’d get… like… 13 likes and a comment… maybe two.

Meanwhile, someone would put up a photo of their leggings, a bagel, or a breast feeding baby and get 200 or 10,000 likes and comments. And no, not all were celebrities.

It. Was. Maddening.


I’ve been watching and waiting until the perfect time… which is… it turns out… today. Who’da guessed?

Fall IS the time to let the dead things fall. And my Insta, good or bad, was mostly dead.

So, buh bye…

It was nice knowing you…

But also, kinda NOT.

And so we come to the time for me to ask you if there’s anything you need to let go of? Any time-sinks or black-holes?

This is the time to do it. The falling leaves told me so!


  1. … And, as she spake, thus was it finished… Oh, wait, we’re NOT doing Biblical? I’m zo gonvuzed!…

    Okay, let’s see — I promised you more digressions, and being a WOMAN OF MY WORD, here they are:

    The “Last Night’s Rainbow” email notification doesn’t give me the option to ‘like’ the comment, so I clicked “View Comment,” and after about two idle minutes was taken to an unfonted preview page — entirely sans comment.

    Houston, I think we have a problem.

    Your “Damned by Faint Praise” comment I ‘liked’ from the app notification, and the one for “A Little Class” I clicked through and ‘liked’ at the comment itself — let me know if you don’t receive either of those and — for about the eleventeenth time since we’ve known each other — thanks, sister 🤗😍🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, hey, let’s do a little team sleuthing, here (because I just know that what you need right now is something else to do — but I digress 🤣)

    You send me a couple more comments, low on the time and energy investment, like, for instance, “You, Ana, have been a total pest in my life for almost four years now, y’know that?” Or maybe something even shorter, like, “Um, you know that short pier…?”

    … Um, yes. And I’ll “like” one of them in the email notification, one in the app notification, and I’ll click through to “like” one at the post itself…

    … Okay, wait. Send three. Sigh….

    And you tell me which ones you get responses to, and then I’ll digress on it some more and probably find more reasons for you to finish that thing about the pier.


    Are we on?

    Oh, why am I asking? Of course we are! You’re still the VEEP! HA ha HA ha HA hahahahahaaaaaa… 😱

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really? I’ve at least “liked” every comment of yours which has come under my eyes, so we must be up against yet another new glitch in the WP universe. I don’t know about your site, but mine’s now completely unsupported, will no longer automatically forward posts, and will not accept any illustrations. Tell you the truth, I’m waiting to lose access completely — cultivating an alternate base in LinkedIn. ‘S too bad. Thanks for letting me know, sweetie 😚😚😚😚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, wait a minute — this is YOUR post, not mine! I’m afraid my brain’s a little mushy from constant pressure. I’ll go check my comments, dear heart. Have patience with me right now.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Like the above comment or, I find social media too intrusive to use — I do make an exception with LinkedIn, though: what began as a strictly business network has been evolving into some beautiful consciousness raising — might want to give it another looksee 🧐

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  6. Gotta admit that I am not a fan of Instagram, Twitter, et al. So I barely use any of them. Too intrusive and exclusionary. If Spring is the season of rebirth, then Fall is the season for letting go.

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