Picture of the Day – Fuzzy Butt

I LOVE bees! They aren’t easy to capture but this shot is pretty good! Look at his antenna! So beautiful! 🐝💞🐝


  1. The shot’s SUPER good!

    I think I figured out I wasn’t waiting long enough on my “likes” for the little star to fool an’ fart around, fill up, jiggle, go empty and fill up again — I think I was backing out in between the jiggle and the — oh, you get the idea…

    So, yay! I think.

    Still doesn’t explain why I wasn’t getting your comments, though — so, for a while, if you make one and don’t get a response in a day or two, email me and let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll wait for the damn “like” star to jiggle and refill, and add a comment sometimes.

    Things are rock in’ an’ a-roll in’ here tonight. A little whispering would not come underappreciated. I love you, soul sister.

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