Another one bites the dust – Sorry, Not Sorry!

“Saying Goodbye is a Painful Way to Solve a Problem” – Author Unknown

Sometimes, Quote. Sometimes, it sure is! This time? Not so much.

However, it was much more difficult than I expected.

I honestly hemmed and hawed over it for weeks. No, months!

See, in past years – like, oh, about fifteen of them – I had started and stopped with some regularity. Much to my embarrassment. Why? Because it was public and people are… uh… watching.

I was there for months or a couple of years…

This time, I was there… seven years. Long time, in Sheryl-years.

So… anyway…

Au revoir, Facebook. Not sorry to see you go!

Instagram was first, as you know. Facebook was a natural second, being owned by the same folks and taking up even more time than the former. Some was for pleasure, sure, but a fairly sizeable chunk of time (and money!) was spent trying to recruit likes and followers for my “business” page (that wasn’t really a business at all. It was a page for this blog.)

Like Instagram, I had a lovely page that a few (out of 600+ followers) actually followed. I spent time creating ads and memes and sharing everything I did here. It got me precisely… nada.

My personal page is a whole ‘nuther animal! When I sat back and surveyed the savannah (keeping my animal analogy going) I realized that the benefits did not outweigh the time spent there, among other things. Those “other things” include having more than a few people on my friend’s list that I didn’t actually know, or want to know, or even if I did know, wanted to distance myself from for myriad reasons.

Being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), I could get wound-up into an emotional frenzy over being ignored, or misunderstood… political arguments… name-calling… and/or dumb things that had basically nothing to do with me – and some that did. I could list them – because, for some reason, I have a spectacularly good memory for the negative things that happen – but I won’t. The point is, I was hurt, confused, embarrassed, horrified, and then hurt all over again on the regular. And it sux. <<< To that end, I temporarily deactivated my personal page at the same time I deleted the biz page. It gives me time to get away and assess the damage, if indeed it is that. Too often, it seems to twist together and once pulled apart, isn’t what I thought. <<< Me, and my over-thinking self.

This is all part of rebuilding the space I wish to inhabit online (and on earth) as I finish out this year.

2022 will bring a new word for the year, and I’m leaning toward “Magic”… reality is so overrated, don’t you think? But we shall see.

In the meantime, I’m going to focus on finding the perfect part-time opportunity I can handle to bring a few seriously-needed bucks for necessities like …

cat fud

^^^ Ignore Hannah, who jumped on my lap and typed that. But she’s not wrong.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of the little scoundrel. Just cuz she’s adorbs.

Quick story: This morning, she was sitting on my lap in bed, as I finished my latest Louise Penny book, The Madness of Crowds. Short digression: It was as beautifully-written as all her other books – this is #17 in the series – but much, much, much more difficult to read for several reasons. I had issues. Might be worth a blog post later. We’ll see.

Anyway, I finished the book, swung my bare legs (I was wearing a nightgown) out from under the blanket and my feet hit the floor. Hannah was still there. I said, “Hannah, it’s time to get up,” and she said, “No!” I said, “Now, c’mon sweetie,” as I gently tried to lift her. At that moment, a car backfired outside our open bedroom window and Hannah startled.

Folks, she was hanging on for dear life, her needle-like claws dug deeply into what was closest…

Which was my right leg.

Go ahead, picture it. Cat hanging my from lap by her extended claws IN MY LEG.

I yelped. She clung. And – no kidding – I had to un-cling her claws which left little bloody holes in my leg!

So, that’s how my morning started.

And how are you today?


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