Picture(s) of the Day – A short day trip thanks to my catalytic converter 

Yesterday, I planned to walk on a pier by my house. I stopped for an iced coffee. (Starbucks has this new fall drink called, “Apple Crisp Caramel Macchiato (I think!) and boy, is it good! 300+ calories good. Yes, I know. It was… uh… breakfast. So, sue me!)


I drove to the beach and as I went to turn off the engine, I saw a light on my dashboard I had never seen before. Assuming the worst, which is … you know… me… I didn’t stop the car. Instead, I drove directly home, called my husband and then called the mechanic.

Long story short, although they had no openings until next Thursday (they’re VERY good and very busy!) but they say if I brought her in at 3:30 they’d take a peek at the codes to make sure it wasn’t anything dangerous.

Turns out, it was my engine light – what some call an “idiot light” – and my catalytic converter tripped it. I was told that it probably happened because I mostly only tool around town – short distances, carefully – as is my custom. I was also told to get on the highway (like a freeway in the States) and let’er rip for a half hour or so, each way. Blow the gunk out.

(My Ruby and I are so much alike! I need that too, every once in awhile. LOL But I digress!)

So, this morning, I did just that!

I took her out, stopped at an outlying Starbucks – not for macchiato today. I got egg white bites (170 calories for both) and a chai tea latte (190 calories). <<< That’s more like it, eh? It was VERY good, if you’re wondering. And yes, I’m stupid-addicted to Starbucks. It sounds like I go often, but normally never two days in a row. Usually just once a week. Blah, blah, blah. I just know. Okay?

Then I took my goodies and drove to a nearby inlet off the lake that has a trail… I used to work in the town and thought I remembered… I was correct!

These photos are what I found… as I worked off my yummy breakfast. 🙂 Gorgeous, isn’t it?


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