Ten Days to Self-Esteem – The water’s fine!

September 25, 2021

Now, here we have the first of the timeframe that I didn’t purge. Although, it could be because I wrote in it. Let’s see. Hold on a sec.


Dang! I forgot I can’t add proper links on reblogs. That-there is some spectacular elevator music. Nice and peppy!

I’m back. And, nope, didn’t write in it. I’m surprised! I must have used a journal to keep track. But… yeah… I digress.

This workbook really is a keeper! Especially if you USE IT! 🙂

The Self-Help Whisperer®

There’s a reason I haven’t written about Ten Days to Self-Esteem by David D. Burns, M.D.and a handful of other “workbooks”…

I start them but don’t finish any of ’em.

(Haha. I know, I just wrote about that.)

This book, though, is one of the best of the genre! I don’t want to let my procrastination (er, inability to deal with the “entirety” of my issues) keep you from dealing with yours.

Heck, within the first ten pages of chapter one, there’s a Depression Checklist, Anxiety Inventory, Relationship Satisfaction Scale and this pesky contract thingy where you have to check a box and promise you’ll do the exercises, which I always sign with the best of intentions!

And, as if to tease me, there’s “Fifteen GOOD reasons for NOT doing the self-help exercises” of which I checked 14 and double-checked number 8, which read: I don’t like being…

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