Bio Moment – 3 Questions

Remember my Romany Fortune Cards? Since I haven’t talked about them for a while, I will remind you of their provenance (and prominence) in my life.


While I have a nice collection of oracle decks, both for the serious and recreational reader, these cards are my favorite for several reasons:

  1. They fit in my Dupuytren’s contracture(d) hands. Both hands are now afflicted, even the one that had surgery for this very reason two years ago.
  2. There are less cards in the deck than most tarot or oracle decks, also helpful for reason above.
  3. The cards and messages (visually and symbolically) make perfect sense to me. I am still using the book to help interpret because I like it a LOT, too.

I also feel compelled to say that I have not turned to the dark side. Nothing in ANY of my decks is connected, nor should it be inferred in any way, to darkness. Except the shadow. Ha! Found a loophole. What I mean is that I include God in all I do, including working with my cards, crystals, books, candles, water… heck, EVERYthing. God is part of everything. <<< The crux.

So, as you know, I’m looking for a little part time job to buy food and treats for our cats. And us. You know, the fam.

The overall question as I shuffle the cards is, “How will I make money for my family?” As I turned the top three cards, after cutting, I said:

  1. What am I doing now?
  2. What is getting in my way?
  3. What is the outcome?

Here are the cards I pulled, as shown above:

  1. The fox, reversed
  2. The heart, reversed
  3. The house, upright

What you need to know before we do the interpretation of the cards is this: This questions (and search for a job) is nothing new. Until the last 7 years or so, I have worked steadily at one job, for as long as a decade. I was not a flake.

Then came 2014: Year of Pain. Yeah, it messed me up royally and I’ve faltered ever since, especially on the job-front. I’ve tried a little of everything and stayed at a lot of nothing. It doesn’t help that I was in my mid-50s going in and now in my early 60s. I have no desire to be a greeter at a big box store, know what I mean? Whatever I did “before” is too long-ago to fall back on.

So, with that preamble (or would that be mid-amble, since we’re clearly in the middle of this blog post?)… here we go…

My thoughts and the card’s meanings, according to the book:

  • What am I doing now? The fox reversed says it’s the opposite of what is showing on the card. It’s normally a card of danger telling you to be careful. What’s the opposite of that? Keep going, no danger here? Or, is it, as the book suggests, that the battle I’m fighting isn’t worthy of me? It says I should be concentrating on more important things. Well, heck, book, what would that be? We could go deeper and talk about me, as rooster. According to this site, A rooster stands for pride, hope, a new day, and even resurrection. It’s a new day for me… a new time… to start something new! I like that. Or, am I the fox? All options must be visited! This site says, Fox symbolism and meaning include cleverness, independence, playfulness and mischievousness, beauty, protection, and good luck. Could that one be me, instead? See, this is what you need to do when you’re reading cards… and believe me, it DOES get easier the more you do it. I guess… in this case, I believe that there is no danger looking for a good job but to be careful. Perhaps more on that as we go along. We shall see.
  • What is getting in my way? The heart reversed says there’s something blocking me from listening to my innermost desires and wisdom. I’ve turned off, if you will, my heart-wisdom. The book goes on further to say, “This is not the path your heart would have you take.” Ah yes, heart, you know I don’t want to get some junky minimum wage job. I mean, who would? But the heart is so much more, isn’t it? I’ve talked so much about the two “heart jobs” I had and then self-sabotaged myself right out of. Very different circumstances but in the end, turned out very much the same. Complete obliteration. Utterly and completely devastating. <<< And that’s no exaggeration. You know this already if you’ve been reading me for any length of time. So, in the end, what does this card say? I believe it’s telling me to be careful, not to jump into something in desperation, and quit getting in the way of what God (Jesus, the Universe, Nature…) has planned for me. So, twice, I’m being told to be careful.
  • What is the outcome? Ah, the house card. Upright. This card tells me all will be well. The house is ALWAYS symbolic of one’s life: family, possessions, responsibilities, health, etc. The book says that I am secure. This card is interesting because it’s a large house, with lots of windows. It doesn’t look cozy, does it? I’d prefer a cozy house. There are four little steps leading in… what the heck does that mean? This link tell us:
  • >> Number is the number of stability, order and completion of justice
  • >> Number 4 is the number of the earth and mankind.
  • >> Number 4 is the number of the square.
  • >> Number 4 symbolizes building a strong foundation.
  • (Continued from above) There’s much more if you want to check out the link I shared. I stopped at “strong foundation” because 2021 is my year of rebuilding and I have partnered the word up with a strong foundation. Oh shoot, I could go really deep, count through things, like two chimneys, 14 windows, 4 trees. I could talk about the red roof and green shutters. The house is white, which must mean something. I mean, the symbology is endless, really. In the end, I think what this card tells me is kind of obvious: No matter what happens, all will be well. It usually is, you know!

So, that’s my little trip into the cards today. And I could have gone waaaaay deeper, but I have to make dinner, you know? LOL

Have any thoughts? Others sometimes see things that you miss, because you’re (or in this case, I am) too emotionally involved.

When Monday comes, I think I can jump back into my job search with a renewed purpose. Look for a great job. Don’t accept crap. I’m worth more than that. <<< My new mantra.

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