Rose Quartz – Pretty in Pink

I started a series on crystals last month, which you may read HERE if you’d like some history. It’s a short history, as it’s the only post so far. Until today! 🙂

I want to be careful not to repeat or reinvent the wheel every time I write one of these posts, so I am going to assume you know at least a little about the following. If you do not, please click on the links to get a quick overview:

  • Chakras
  • Crystal Frequencies
  • Basic Mythology <<< It’s called Mythology for Dummies but I don’t think you’re a dummy if you click it. It’s a cheat sheet that I LOVE because everything is in one place. I use it! No offence intended!

Also, just a reminder that I’m using Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Cards and the book that came with it, along with books from my own collection and online sources, all cited. This space is not set up for footnotes and I don’t want this to feel like a thesis anyway, so I’ll just link accordingly.


There is SO MUCH TO SAY about my fave crystal, Rose Quartz, so let’s get started!

Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones for emotional healing. It is, as you might imagine (given the color) a crystal of love, and is connected to the heart chakra (of course!).

According to legend, Eros brought rose quartz to earth in the hope that its beautiful color would arouse love and desire among people.” (pg 244 of Healing Crystals & Gemstones)

It is, therefore, an important fertility stone and often used for unconditional love and empathy.

Its frequency is medium to high, depending on the clarity of the stone.

These are my pieces. As you can see, some are very clear, some raw and fractured… some brighter pink, others muted.

The pendulum was a recent gift from Mom. I love everything about it… and while I was arranging these guys for their photo opp, I asked a question. You know, since I was there. LOL The pendulum started swinging before I was even finished. I guess it felt pretty strongly! It said no, by the way. You don’t need to know the question. Not trying to be vague, I promise. Just a little something I was wondering about.

According to the little book that came with the cards, if you pick this card, you are a beautiful soul who has infinite peace deep within and enormous empathy. I don’t know about the infinite peace, seeing as I’m a lifelong spazz (okay, ADHD and asthma med side-effects) but I know I have tons of empathy. Sometimes, to my detriment. If this crystal resonates with you… does this describe you?

Rose Quartz heals past trauma and even current trauma – get this! – if placed next to the computer, it can prevent headaches and eye fatigue. If placed next to the bed, it is effective against earth and water radiation. Which begs the question: Is constant radiation an issue? Yikes!

It also stimulates circulation and increases sexuality and fertility. Yay on the sexuality, nay on the fertility in my case. Ha!

And in a very specific turn of events, one of my books says it relieves pain associated with shingles, of all things!

Psychologically, as you might imagine, the stone strengthens friendships, love affairs, and opens the eyes to seeing the beauty of life around you.

And, from a strictly informative standpoint, I offer this last little tidbit: “Rose quartz was highly valued in the classical world both for its decorative qualities and its healing properties. The Romans imported rose quartz from mines in Sri Lanka, India, and even Russia. Carves intaglios and cameos, as well as personal seal rings, still exist from this period.” (pg 82 of The Crystal Healing Bible)

I adore this crystal, as you can tell. It’s among my top three faves. I’ll tell you about another of my faves next time.

By the way, have you heard of “Worry Stones”? They are “…smooth, polished gemstones, usually in the shape of an oval with a thumb-sized indentation, used for relaxation or anxiety relief.” Thanks, Google!

Mine is… no surprise… rose quartz. If you would like one, I suggest finding a metaphysical supply store close to you so you can choose your very own in person. They are available on Amazon but it’s easier to gauge energy in person, whenever possible.


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