Revisiting My Vision for The Self-Help Whisperer®

Some things have become clear(er) to me as I step into my fifth year on this blog.

Some stream-of-consciousness thoughts, as I ponder my blog-life…

I’ve always been a believer in synchronicity:

In psychology, synchronicity is defined as the occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause; that is, the coincidences are acausal. The underlying idea is that there is unity in diversity. In psychology, Carl Jung introduced the concept in his later works (1950s). (Link)

A few things have happened (more than a few times) in the last several months.

I am listening. To others and to myself.

Here’s what I want to say first: This blog was never set up to be a money-making venture. It was set up as a hobby that I hoped would be the last in a long, long line of prior blogs. Thank goodness, it’s what has happened. Yay! A million-times, Yay!!

As I fell in love with the space, I knew I wanted it to become my legacy, available to self-help lovers like myself, and as a connection-point for my children and grandchildren after I’m gone. I wanted my whole life to be here – the good, bad, and yes, the ugly, as it is authentically who I am, which is of vital importance to me.

Here’s a timeline of how this space evolved:

  • First goal: Self-help book reviewer with some stories to tell.
  • Interviews with super-wise and interesting people I’ve met and known, in some cases, for a lifetime.
  • Fiction as self-help – with moments so profound that I gasp in delight, like when Dumbledore says: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” — Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I mean, c’mon, could that BE anymore self-help-y?
  • What brings peace, joy and the kind of satisfaction that feeds your soul? I added in photography and art therapy, vision boards, crystals, cards and dream interpretation.
  • Then I thought, “Oh wait! I am a depressed and anxious hypochondriac. Wonder if anyone can relate? How about an anxiety and depression so severe you can’t get out of bed? For days! Would that fly here? Should I even attempt to share at that kind of vulnerable level? The answer was yes!
  • The elephant in the room (haha!) is that I’m kinda fat and unhealthy, so I started “Health Journey(s)” more than once throughout the years, first with copious amounts of water and later, copious amounts of walking and a few things in-between. Dieting always figured in somewhere, because, uh, yeah, I’m a lifelong dieter. Your results may vary. Mine, too! To be clear, I am still on a diet as I write this – calorie counting with a dash of “try to eat healthy” at the same time. More water. Less Coke Zero. Still struggling with finding ways to move that don’t include outside, since winter is coming. Not an excuse for NOW, mind you. But I digress.
  • I chose “Word(s) of the Year” as follows:
    1. 2018: Year of Nurture
    2. 2019: Year of Water
    3. 2020: Year of Clarity
    4. 2021: Year of Rebuilding/ Foundation
    5. 2022: Work in Process, which frankly sounds like a dandy thing to remember. But obviously, the new year is several months away and I have time to ponder. I saw a post where I said it would be Legacy. Seems too soon for that. What was it I thought of yesterday? Um… something nature-y, I think. Or goddess-y. Stay tuned for that decision.
  • Of course, there have been the day-to-day issues like making money, jobs and job searches (especially as a senior), worries about my adult children, building sacred spaces at home, in my car, and the places I visit.
  • Relationships! Marriage, friends and family, frenemies or actual enemies, online and off, from miles (or kilometres) away to just next door. It’s the people we willingly let into our lives and those we’d rather not.
  • And finally, what is the The Self-Help Whisperer® community? It’s what WE (You & Me) are! What exactly are we building here?

Now, to go back to what happened over the last several months that brought on this post.

Since I was spending so much time here anyway… I thought it would be great if I could somehow monetize this space. So, I tried to partner with Amazon and a few bookstores. I didn’t have enough clicks (to buy the books I referenced) to sustain a partnership. Okey-dokey, onward, I thought.

When I lost my job because of Covid, it seemed more pressing than ever to find a way to monitize, so I tried Adsense. Did I ever tell you how much cash I made? $1.67 for a month of serving you (my dear readers) ads (and, in my opinion, polluting my website with squares of nonsense).

Next, I tried to add a Donate button for anyone who would like to buy me a coffee or whatnot. Don’t even get me started. The whole thing was one big-ass headache that I won’t bore you with… though suffice it to say, there’s no donate button.

Maybe Someone (God, the Universe, or even ME?) doesn’t want this to become a money-making venture?

In the midst of this conundrum, I heard some conflicting comments about my vulnerability and propensity to (cyclicly) fall into deep holes and take you (my readers) with me. After all, it was reasonably assumed, who would want to pay to feel bad? It makes sense, doesn’t it?

And yet, others said they appreciated my vulnerability (even the hard stuff!) and to “keep it up!”

Then, there is a small but mighty group of people who say I’m an “intuitive healer” and no matter what I’m going through; my words, and my space, are healing.

I know. It’s a lot to consider.

After a great deal of thought, here’s what I want to say:

I don’t want to be your guru. In fact, while I may know something more than you do, it’s just as possible (and probable) that you know more than me!

I have ALWAYS believed that YOU are YOUR OWN best expert — and guru!

I have – at different times throughout this blog space – suggested that I am your guide, holding the light, or your partner.


But more than that …

I am your companion.

A wanderer, just like you, learning as we go. Both of us! ALL of us!

Have I read more self-help books than some of you? Definitely! And I guess that’s what makes me a *whisperer*.

So, okay. Yeah, I know some stuff. But, so do you! Never forget that!


If I have a healing touch of some kind, I pray that I never forget where it came from and use it wisely.

But gotta say…

This is my fave place on the internet and I hope it’s one of yours, too! If so, I’ve done what I came here to do…

No matter what you’re going through or will go through…

You are not alone – I’m here!

^^^ My vision. May you never feel alone! ^^^

I know, I could have said that in one line.


But then, I wouldn’t be me.


  1. Well, let’s see, here… Love her dearly… love her even more… love her whole lotz… spirit partnership’s worked freakin’ great for four years…

    Okay, I guess I’ll go for it! You’re ON!!!’n

    Liked by 1 person

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