Picture(s) of the Day – Early Autumn Bliss & Murder?

I ventured out for a walk in nature today. *** Bliss ***

Was I cognizant of the story I read this morning about a man walking through a local park brandishing a butcher knife? Good grief, yes! It’s a park that’s had some prior problems and I actually mentioned it in a blog post. It’s a gorgeous space I really *wanted to walk in* but never have because my husband made me promise I wouldn’t. It’s known for drug deals and/or prostitution meet-ups. Anyhow, I listened to him and have stayed away.

Yep… even peaceful Canada has its share of scary people. Some homeless, others drug addicted, or mentally ill, and a small minority are just plain evil. Just like everywhere else, right?

Hmmm… a memory crops up!

When I first moved to Canada, my husband was perplexed at my fear of walking outside at night, leaving a door unlocked, or frolicking through forest trails without a care in the world. Part of that is because he’s a man, and I’ve talked about this quite a bit, so I won’t linger. I will just say this: Men just don’t have the same experiences (or fears of) being alone as many (most?) women.

I came from Southern California – including a dozen-plus years “up the hill” in the high desert. I grew up in the age of Charles Manson, The Night Stalker and too many others to name. In fact, let’s get real… did you know that California is the state with the highest number of serial killers? It absolutely is! If anyone had asked me, that’s what I would have guessed. My late teen years were especially fraught, what-with the likes of Ted Bundy running around.

So, it’s no surprise that I was always as careful as could be… and while (especially in the latter years) it didn’t feel as dangerous, I NEVER walk alone at night or out in the middle of nowhere without (at least) a dog, and better yet, another person.

Things have changed over the years, even here in the land of tranquility. The big cities, like Toronto, seem especially fraught.

And yet, I read that story about my very own city this morning.

But here’s the thing: I still went out!

I believe my natural propensity to guard myself and listen to my intuition has served me well all these years. I won’t let fear keep me inside!!

Quite the preamble there, eh? I sure know how to create ambiance. Sheesh! But really, it’s always a good idea to be careful and notice what’s around you. I’ve learned that in spades during my summer treks. I even talked about a scary encounter, HERE.

Now, onward… things in nature are just beginning their changing-colors and letting-go process. I know I’ll be going out again when the colors get really vibrant! But I have to say that today was GLORIOUS!

I met a new pal with a spectacular tail!

I saw the beginnings of change…

I went up one way and down another… and all over trails covered with fallen leaves…

I saw doggies playing in the dog park!

Look at this beautiful sky!

I will end with a couple of views into the forest… with just a wisp of changing colors!

It was a lovely, cool day and lots of others were out enjoying the weather. I am so glad I went out and got some exercise for my body and views for my soul.

I’m kinda embarrassed about the murder talk but ya know… it may be that YOU need to hear it for some reason today. To be careful. Mindful. I’m not sure why I wrote it but I stand by it. Macabre might be the word of the day but bliss is the feeling.


  1. Wow, GREAT last sentence 👏😊

    I saw one of your disappearing messages go by today — it flashed in my phone’s notifications but never made either the email que or my app’s comment notifications. The first few words said that something made you happy — whatever it was, I’m glad!


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