Job, Health Update & New Logo!


Several weeks ago, I applied for four positions in one day, including a pet store and the Ministry of Transportation, which sounds more like Harry Potter and less like the DMV, which is what it actually is. All jobs were part-time, which is what I wanted so I’d have plenty of time to write here.

A funny thing happened.

A week later, I was called and interviewed over the phone by one of those jobs. Passing that all-important first impression call, I was asked to interview. It went really well.

About a week later, I was called and an offer was made. During the call, I was asked if I’d consider working full-time? Long story short, I said yes because the benefits and ability to make some extra money was too great a pull.

Then, the background, references, criminal, and credit checks began. Offer was contingent on the results. Even though I know I’m fine, I worried. Yesterday, I was notified that I’d passed and will begin the new job on November 1st.


I will be working either mornings or afternoons. My blogging schedule will depend on my work schedule. But I’ll be doing my best to keep everything current.

What will I be doing? Customer service and upselling on the phone. My kind of gig!

Please wish me luck!


My newest photo >>>> over there >>>> was taken a month ago, right after my newest haircut.

That’s what I look like today, give or take 1/16″ of hair.

While I have been walking once or twice a week and keeping to my diet plan, I am either on a plateau or simply maintaining.

Yes, I’m a little discouraged.

Was this my well-defined, dedicated plan?


I had originally *planned* to continue daily walking and losing weight. I didn’t know how I’d fare over the winter, but I assumed I’d figure it out

Probably should have thought that through a little better. Ya think? LOL

The weather and safety concerns have become more of an issue as the days become darker and colder. The last several times I’ve gone to my fave haunts, they actually *felt* a little haunted. There was nobody around.

Speaking of the changing seasons… here is a photo I took in “my forest” as the colors began to change. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Not trying to change the subject, I promise.


Maybe I am.


All I’m saying is that I could give in to the lure of wintering. It would be soooooo easy. I love hibernating, reading in bed, and baking. Oh, and eating. Of course. I suppose that was obvious.

But luckily, there’s this new job that will keep me out of the kitchen (making bread and shepherds pie – Yum!).

And I’m still on the diet, so not eating dumb stuff like a sleeve of cookies, or any cookies at all, actually.

I have NOT given up!

But at this point, I’m thinking that *not gaining any back* is my goal over the holidays. If I lose any more, it will be a bonus and you will be the first to know!


Believe me, I’m not actually a flaky, fickle person. Honest!

I’ve never changed the NAME of this blog. Or MY name, for that matter.

I have, however, had a jolly time changing the logo.

Here’s a link to every time I’ve done it in the last five years.

You’re welcome!

It would stand to reason then, that it is what I’ve done (or am doing) again.

How long will it last?

Who knows?

I will say this…

My very first logo

I’ve hand-drawn a couple, created one or two on a free website, and bought one with cash money, baby!

In the end, only one still resonates with me, and that’s the first one, the one my dad liked so much. So, I sign my photos with that logo.

I don’t know why I’ve had such trouble sticking with my logos but I’m hoping that my new one will be the final one!

It is – obviously – created and hand-drawn by me. It’s supposed to be me. In nature. I love it!

As always, your mileage may vary.


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