Easy Like Sunday – 30 Things

I was feeling kinda down today. Sundays are usually laze-about days for us to begin with and my husband almost-always begins my day with breakfast in bed. I know, I’m spoiled rotten – and I love it!

This morning, however, didn’t begin as we’d planned because… well… we DIDN’T plan. We forgot to take the bacon out of the freezer last night and we didn’t want a bacon-less brekkie. So, he ate peanut butter toast and I didn’t eat until after I spoke with my mom, a Sunday morning ritual. It used to be a ritual with Dad, too. I so miss him! So many feels around the weekly call. I wouldn’t miss it! But here I go, digressing.

After the call with Mom, I made myself frozen pancakes. Real maple syrup (not too much!). Total calories: 400. Taste score: 500. Nutrition score: 0. So, sue me.

It’s dark and blustery, a typical fall day. Not a smile-y sort of day, you know?

Yesterday, we went out for a drive. Here’s a photo I took with my phone. Isn’t it beautiful and haunting? I love it!

Today, we had our usual Sunday nap and now my husband is out for an assignment – he occasionally works full weekends or has to run out to take a photo or conduct and interview. He’s a newspaper man!

So, I came to my sitting room, turned on lights, the table fountain, some music and sat in front of this computer.


I guess I didn’t want to type.

So, I colored a picture from one of my coloring books, instead. It is my featured photo!

I’m sharing this with you, as I do so many of my important and not-so-important creations, to remind you to BE CREATIVE!

If you read NONE of the books I talk about (which would be a shame!) or follow NONE of my advice (as I always say: Your mileage may vary!) there is ONE THING I will INSIST you DO.

Something ~*~creative~*~ at least once a week! More often is fine, less is missing out! Seriously!

Maybe you think coloring books and crayons are silly, or poetry too snooty, or taking pictures with your phone-camera is cheating… none of those things are true, by the way!… but there’s SOMETHING creative you like to do! DO THAT THING!!

Here’s my list of…

30 Things you can do when you’re trying to think of something to do:

  1. Read a good book with no strings attached (not being read for work or school) It can be fun or sexy or something you’ve always wanted to know about. Just pure pleasure!
  2. Bake something kinda-good-for-you and yummy, like bran muffins, cauliflower “buffalo wings,” or a roast chicken
  3. Learn how to infuse water or make high protein “good-for-you” smoothies
  4. Make natural room scents using things like cinnamon sticks, clove and orange rinds in a pot of water on the stove or in a crock pot
  5. Make something with your hands out of wood or clay
  6. Create a vision board
  7. Take drawing or painting lessons
  8. Draw with pencils or ink
  9. Color in a book with crayons, pencils, ink
  10. Paint a landscape, portrait or wall(s) in your house
  11. Paint rocks with positive messages and leave them in public places for people to find
  12. Take singing lessons
  13. Sing alone in your house, shower or car
  14. Sing karaoke online or out with friends
  15. Sing with a band, form one if you don’t have one already
  16. Learn to play an instrument
  17. Write a story, long or short, an essay, magazine article, blog post or book
  18. Start a collection of rocks, crystals, feathers, cat figurines or thimbles. Whatever makes you happy and isn’t too expensive to keep up.
  19. Knit or crochet
  20. Take dancing lessons
  21. Dance alone or with a partner
  22. Take Yoga classes online or in a studio
  23. Go to the gym with the idea that you’ll be sculpting your body or go there to swim, if you don’t have a pool and love it, like I do!
  24. Start a YouTube channel
  25. Start a podcast
  26. Make Christmas or Birthday cards from scratch
  27. String lights in your house or in the trees outside for every holiday
  28. Watch a DVD that brings you joy – even if nobody else in the house likes it – like The Wizard of Oz or The Sound of Music (my husband isn’t a fan of either, which is why I chose them. LOL)
  29. Color your hair temporarily with pink, blue, purple or a rainbow
  30. Get a tattoo of something meaningful – you could even design it yourself

I bet you have things you’d like to add to the list? Why not share them below in the comments? We can all learn from each other, I always say!

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