Picture(s) of the Day – Until next year, my beloved

Although it’s cold, rainy and dark, I had to go out for some banking related to the new job. While I was out there anyway, I drove by the new office so I was sure how to get there when it begins next Monday.

And then, since I was almost there… I went to “My” forest.

It isn’t the safest place to go at this time of year… in fact, not until late spring/ early summer. Then, folks along the outlying neighborhoods are mowing their lawns or playing in the pool, the children’s nature classes begin, and sun worshipers are on the beach (on the other side). There is a crackling sense of LIFE. Know what I mean?

When I went out there today, I noticed two things immediately.

  1. The parking lot was empty.
  2. As I drove around the outskirts, with leaves and foliage blanketing the pathways, I saw makeshift “forts” created out of tree limbs. I’d seen some hidden away in the summer and assumed that children made them. My husband suggested that it would be a safe place for people who are homeless to camp out. I took note of his words.
    1. This is not to say that being homeless = dangerous. It is, however, concerning for a woman alone. I have no desire to incroach on their privacy or have them removed. There are so few places for these folks to go and at least they can get somewhere relatively safe – at least for now.

All that to say, I was careful.

I went to the entrance of the forest and yelled out, “Thank you for taking care of me this year. I’ll see you next year! I love you, Forest!”

Oh yes, I am nothing if not dramatic! LOL

And then, I took these shots with my safety in mind.


  1. Many homeless are very angry people. Whether they have a right to be or not, you are right to prioritize your safety. Profiling is not practiced by the entitled alone, and it can be just as devastating going back in the other direction! I love you 😚

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