drink, play, f@#k – Overkill

October 28, 2021

Up for reblog, a book I disliked.

Why am I sharing it again?

Because you might like it. Or like to read what I think. Or you appreciate parody. Or need something to get mad at that won’t bite back. Or, or, or. A million x “Or”…

So, enjoy! Or spit!

Whatever floats your boat.

(I’ll see myself out now!)

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Andrew Gottlieb is a provocateur.Drink, Play, F@#k is proof of that.

Let’s get something clear right from the top: Yes, this book is a “parody” of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s eat, pray, love. Yes, I giggled a little at the title. And yes, it is fiction.

Why am I choosing to write about it? A few reasons:

  1. The title evokes a certain acknowledgement of the differences between men and women. Equality does not = exactly the same. I think this is a darned good equation. And thought. You may quote me.
  2. Some have said Gilbert’s book is “Self-indulgent twaddle“. I happen not to think so, as I learned one of the best emotional exercises of my life while reading it (petitioning God with signatures – you can read my post about the book here). That said, this is a (sort-of)responseto her work and…

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