Haiku – Wandering Eye

Corner of the world

A tiny microcosm

Of beauty and hope.

When I go out to take photos, it is always with an eye toward beauty. I see SO MUCH in this crazy world of ours…

But only if…

I don’t watch the news. Or check into the political side of social media. Or focus on the negative.

There are buildings in our city, demolished or destroyed by fire… months ago… years ago… and next to one of them (a facade of what used to be a huge, assembly-line, plant that employed thousands) is a small tree. Each fall, it turns the brightest, beautiful orange. Every year, I drive past it and wonder how and why it survived…

… and I smile.

It is stunning! Yes, even next to the piles of stones, cement, and demolition around it.

I smile because Mother Nature (or God, or Whoever created this joint) refuses to let the problems WE created get in the way of what MUST happen to continue forward.

It also brings a tear to my eye because it shouldn’t be this difficult. Not for the trees, the ocean or … I dare say … humans.

It’s so simple, really.

Treat EVERYTHING with respect and dignity.

You don’t have to love (or even like) it, him, her, them…


Walk on by!

Sometimes, not engaging is the best way to show respect.

I must say this to myself many times a day, sometimes.

It’s worth repeating.

A wandering eye is great for the camera and finding what is beautiful. I love this photo – and the haiku I wrote – a lot. It makes me happy!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!!

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  1. Finding beauty, finding the good sometimes takes work. We have made it too easy to focus on the negative and that is about the biggest shame there is.

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